Coming to Idaho for the Music

Music is one of the things that makes humans human. People feel strangely moved to dance to music whenever a good song comes on their music player and that is for a very good reason. Others travel across the country searching for new concerts and shows where they can hear the thing they love and escape a drearier life for just a little while. Idaho is not a place that is known for its music, but there are still a lot of options within the state that give you access to musical events and shows. If anything, Idaho is a place that inspires music. There are few better sources of inspiration than a swath of mountains laid out in front of you with snowy tips and tree-covered bases. If you are one of the many millions of people that have fallen in love with music and are excited to find a new way to witness a musical performance, here are some of the ways you can satisfy that need within the borders of Idaho.

One of your first stops you may consider is heading over to Boise (The capital of Idaho if you are not familiar with it) and be sure to add the Boise River Greenbelt to the destinations list. This is a frequent location for concerts to be held. The entire riverfront is not used for this purpose but there are parts of it that are specifically set up to be great for a musical display. In particular, there is a venue that regularly gets some well-known bands in to perform (along with other musical performers) and it is just a nice place to listen to music and take in the green belt atmosphere. You can also just tour the green belt itself when you are finished listening or even if there was never a concert to begin with. There is always something going on in the green belt, though it is not always a planned event. For example, sometimes there is the Boise River float that a lot of people in the city take part in but there is always something to do in the water and there are tons of different sites and sights to see along the course of the river. Zoo Boise is right up against the river in the green belt and there is even a human right’s memorial to be found. This last might not be the happiest of places to visit but you can learn a lot and remember some of the tragedies of the past. All in all, the Boise River Greenbelt is a great place for music and a bunch of other things.

Then, of course, you have the different live music venues of Idaho. You can get an entirely different kind of atmosphere from a concert hall in a city park and there are a number of different places you might check out across Idaho. Being the largest city in the state, Boise tends to have some of the most well-known and popular musical options like the Knitting Factory where you can find a bunch of different bands that will frequently perform. Interestingly enough, the Idaho Botanical Garden is another spot in Boise where you can find some live music and it is right next to the Old Idaho Penitentiary. If you consider yourself a bit of a metalhead and go in for some of the faster, more intense genres of music out there. Way up in the north in Coeur d’Alene is Moon Time which tends to get bands through all the time. Some are from the area but others drop by on their way through the rest of the country when they are on tour. Then there are the major performing arts centers where you might check out a band or a show or some other kind of singing group depending on when you decide to make your visit. You will have to look at the different schedules for the performing arts centers near you to find what is being put on and what you might be interested in checking out.

If you have a taste for classical music there are also a number of different symphonies and orchestras that are based in Idaho. The big names are the Idaho Symphony Orchestra, the Idaho State Civic Symphony, the Washington Idaho Symphony, and the Magic Valley Symphony. Not everyone is going to be delighted by simply a single type of music that these groups put on but they do not just restrict themselves to the classics you have heard a million times before. A well-performed piece from Beethoven or Bach done with a unique perspective can be captivating, even for someone who does not usually go in for classical music, but if you just cannot stand the thought of sitting through a full performance of something like Chopin’s Nocturnes, many of these orchestras tend to mix up what they decide to perform. There will be plenty of new music that you have probably never heard before and which might have been composed specifically for that orchestra, written to fit with their strengths as performers. You should still expect to encounter all of the instruments that you might typically find in a symphony but they might have something unique that you were not expecting.

As music is important to all humans, it is especially important to Idahoans. If you came to Idaho or are visiting but you are worried that you are not going to be able to satisfy your musical needs, there's much to be found. Consider giving one of the above a try.

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