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Transportation, it is one of the most important aspects of our lives. Without the ability to get from one place to another, one is limited to places they can go. Here in Boise, there is a plethora of ways to get yourself around town. Here we will examine a few of those ways, how you can utilize these methods, and where they are most effective. However, before we start, the type of transportation you use to get around the Treasure Valley is really dependent on your circumstances, so be sure to understand that each of these methods may cost you money and or time that you might need to allocate elsewhere and choose wisely.

Going for a stroll

We know we talked about hoofing it earlier, but, in Boise,taking a stroll is actually not only an acceptable mode of transportation, it can also be a popular one. Whether you are just going for a stroll down to the grocery store or you want to make it to work, or a friends house then you can always do it on your own without a vehicle. There are paths and sidewalks that connect the entire Treasure Valley together. One of these pathways is the Boise Greenbelt. This awesome path goes from Lucky Peak Reservoir all the way down to Eagle and passes through Boise State University Campus and passes by many downtown locations as well as libraries, parks, and so much more.


Biking is actually a very popular and practical mode of transportation (as well as a method of recreation) here in the Boise area. Most streets have bike lanes or large shoulders and other ways to accommodate bikers. Not to mention there are many places to buy bikes, have bikes tuned up, and so forth. The community seems to support biking, since it is already green and it promotes good health, by ensuring that there are lanes for the bikes, creating promotional material to encourage safe driving around bikers. Boise State University is so onboard with Boise biking that their bicycle shop has a mobile bike repair unit that repairs bikes for free during the summer time at Boise parks.


Ah, the good ‘ole trusty car. In Boise, this is the number one way of getting from home to work and back again (or wherever you are going for that matter). There are good roads all around the Treasure Valley that help connect the community together. The reason Boise is mainly dominated by automobile transportation is because it is a western city, and in western cities things tend to be spread out since there is much more space unlike back east where things are built close together and really tall. This necessitates a lot of driving.

Luckily, in Boise, the commute time for a person to go to work during rush hour hardly ever reaches over 40 minutes. Boise is a large city, but it is not large enough to cause commutes to go much longer than that. This is also dependent on where you are and where you are going as the drive from Southeast Boise to Middleton can be quite long without traffic.


Busses are starting to grow in popularity here in the Treasure Valley. There was a time when they weren’t used very often, but now they are starting to make a comeback. Recently, the Valley Ride bus system opened up a few new routes to make it easier for people to cross the valley at convenient times.

Usually, the Valley Ride busses will run several busses an hour during the peak travel times like early morning and early evening as well as a few other rides periodically throughout the day. They stop in a number of places around the city and can take you to almost anywhere. The routes that go out into Meridian and Canyon County are a little scarcer than those that take people around Boise, but they do exist. The fare for riding the bus is dependent on the route so check the Valley Ride website before you start planning any trips.

Taxi/ Uber

If you want to be taken to a more specific location, or just want to go somewhere at an odd hour of the day, then calling a taxi or an Uber may be the best move for you. There are several taxi companies that operate here in the Boise area as well as a fairly strong Uber presence as well. This is great if you need to go to the airport, get a ride home from a party, or pretty much anywhere else you need to go. It can get a bit expensive though so it may not be practical for everyday use. So, judge wisely when you consider using a taxi.

Boise Bike Bar

Now, this entry isn’t necessarily a great way to get to work and back, but it is a fun way to take a tour of the town, or just to have a good time. The Boise Bike Bar is an awesome contraption that allows you and 5 to 13 other people to peddle a giant bike around town. It is a shaded bar with 10 peddling seats, to seats without pedals, and two passenger seats. You can eat, drink, party, and even tour around the town. The food and drinks, however, you will need to bring yourself. Despite being called a bar, it is a bar in the sense that it is a long wooden bar that you can pull up a chair (or pedal and seat) up to. All of the food and drinks will need to be provided by the riders. Contact them today for more information and you may just have the makings of your next great party.

Whether you choose to travel by bus, car, or just decide to stretch your legs, you will always be able to get where you want to go in Boise. These methods of travel, however, are just the beginning — as Boise grows, its infrastructure too will grow.

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