Get Your Boise Home Ready For Spring

Freshly Landscaped House

In the dead of winter, spring seems like a distant dream. Though it may seem far away, it's not too late to start gearing up for spring. Just as there are things you need to do to 'winterize' your home, there are also some things you should do to prepare your home for spring.

1) Clean
Cleaning is simple, yet effective, and it's a great first step to preparing for spring time. Spring cleaning isn't just something that your parents joke about, it's something that should be done to transform an dreary, winterized home into a bright lively dwelling. Clean everything. Clean what you might not normally clean. Scrub the walls, baseboards and cabinets, vacuum and dust under everything and replace broken things.

The biggest thing you can do to help your house be ready for spring is to wash the windows and window sills. Spring is about new life; the flowers start growing and sun rises higher. In springtime the sun shines brightly and you want to have your windows clean so you can get more light in your home.

2) Reorganize Storage
The springtime is about renewal and if you head into that time still cluttered from winter, it won't feel new. Go through all drawers and closets and other storage and organize. You may even find something you forgot about in there.

3) De-junkStorage Facility
As you are rearranging all the storage spaces in your house, you may find that you have a lot of things you don't use anymore, or, perhaps, just too much stuff. These things can be remedied by simply de-junking. Give your extra things to a local charity, thrift shop or a friend.

4) "Pop Some Tags"
If you do go to the thrift shop, take some time to look around for old furniture or light fixtures that are still functional. Restoring these old furnishings is a great way to add more variety to your home as you come into spring.

5) Bookshelves
Another thing to add to your list of things you can reorganize is your bookshelves. If left unkempt, bookshelves can get un-comely. If you just take a few minutes to take the books out, dust them off, and then neatly put them back in, it will make the bookshelf seem like a natural part of the room.

6) Your Entry Way
If you house is like most, your entryway is probably cluttered. Plan ahead and make places or ways to organize that entryway, that way, when you people come into your home things won't be left in piles on the ground. If the entryway isn't cluttered, your home will give off a great first impression.

Freshly painted room7) Paint
A dramatic way that you can enhance the feeling of your home is to repaint your walls. Especially if you have just moved to the Treasure Valley, your walls are most likely still white or beige. By painting a new, yet still bright, color on your walls, you can effectively give you house a whole new feel.

When you paint your walls, you may want to consider adding the ceiling to the mix. If you paint your ceiling a light blue, it will make it so the ceiling looks like the sky. This will make your rooms feel like the ceiling isn't even there.

In all your painting endeavors, look into adding texture or patterns. Texture and patterns are not hard to add, but give your walls and little face lift and bring their beauty to the attention of all your guests.

You can also play around with different wallpapers. These can be an easy solution to any drab or old wall.

8) Lighting
Lighting is a huge part of making your home ready for spring. Replacing dim bulbs, cleaning dirty bulbs and lamp shades will add a lot of light to your home. Light fixtures are there to replicate sunlight, if you don't make sure the bulbs are pristine, it's like having dirty windows.

9) Curtains
During the winter, it's cold, especially here in Idaho. When cold weather hits, we want to have heavy curtains on our windows to keep the cold out. However, in the spring, that isn't necessary. In the spring, you want to keep your privacy, but you also want to see and feel the warm sun. Therefore, when springtime hits, replacing your heavy winter curtains, with sheer curtains or valances is another great idea for letting in more light.

These are just a few ideas of what you can do to prepare for spring. There are many more ideas out there, just be creative. Springtime in Boise is beautiful and if your home is ready for it, you will be able to enjoy it more fully.

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