Get Solar Charged!

The Power of the SunFossil fuels are a finite resource, so in this modern era mankind is constantly searching for cleaner, more affordable forms of energy.  Idaho individuals should stop to think about one of the most sustainable resources of them all – the sun – and how its energy can be tapped.  How does solar energy work?  Can it really save money while providing efficiency?

How does solar power work?
The sun is the most reliable source of energy in the galaxy, and what some  may not realize is that it indirectly affects many other forms of renewable energy as well, including wind power and hydro power.  When communities put the sun’s energy to work for them they are doing their part to save the planet since solar energy is eco-friendly and doesn't produce hazardous emissions. Especially in Idaho homes where the skies are clear and the sun is strong and powerful there is much to be benefited from in solar energy.

The most common way to harness the sun’s energy is through the utilization of photovoltaic technology which converts sunlight into electricity using solar panels.  Solar panels contain solar cells which when exposed to photons from the sun collects electrons to create electrical current.  Energy is saved by being drawn into a solar battery much like that of the solar lights used for night-time illumination.

Another method of harnessing the sun’s power is through high-temperature thermal collectors which collect sunlight using mirrors or lenses.

What is the cost of solar power, and how can home owners in Idaho put it to use?
Some people can pay up to twenty thousand dollars for a good solar energy system which saves them money in the long-term after the initial investment, but not everybody can afford an expensive system, so they find other affective ways to utilize the sun’s abundant energy to spare there pocket books.
·        A solar timer charges in the sunlight to power someone’s lights when it gets dark.  Much like street-lamps they won’t turn on one’s lights until it is dark enough to need them.  A solar timer can also cut-down on the community’s electricity usage, saving Idaho precious resources and money.
·        Installing a solar water heater cuts down on energy bills because consumers will require less energy to heat water..
·        Installing a solar heating system will save Idaho homeowners money on cold Idaho winter nights.
Solar Power Your Home·        Solar batteries can be recharged anywhere the sun is shining and can be used to power cell phones, radios and even lap-top computers.
·        A solar stove doesn't need gas or electricity and saves Idaho consumers even more.
·        A solar powered water filtration system can filter all the water in an Idaho home.

Solar power is the key to a brighter future, a healthy planet, and healthier savings for all Idaho residents.

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