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Your Future HomeThe University of Idaho is a public university in the state.  Located in Moscow Idaho, near the border with Washington, it is a very picturesque and lovely campus with over 11,000 students in attendance.  
Founded in 1892, the university is the largest campus in the state and is a land grant college.  Land grant schools were originally funded by the US government to support agriculture, science and engineering.  The campus itself is over 1,500 acres with more than 250 buildings.
Topping over 140 degree programs, the university offers undergraduate, masters and doctoral degrees along with some certificates in over 30 areas of concentration.  
The University is comprised of ten schools, as follows:
·   Agriculture and Life Sciences
·   Art and Architecture
·   Business and Economics
·   Education
·   Engineering
·   College of Graduate Studies
·   Law 
·   Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences
·   Natural Resources
·   Science
Among the structures on campus are:
·   The Kibbie Dome, an indoor arena for many of the school’s teams including football.  With seating over 16,000 it is the smallest division I football stadium in the US. 
·   The University Library with over 1.4 million books and other publications is the largest library in the state.
·   Idaho Commons, a center for a variety of student uses and services including a food court.
·   The Student Union Building, which together with the Commons provides student services, places to study and a theater.
·   The student recreational center, where there are several facilities for students to exercise.
·   An 18-hole golf course begun in 1933.
·   An Arboretum and botanical Garden, named for the forestry professor who conceived the idea in the 1920’s

The campus was designed by the Olmsted brothers, sons of the architect that designed New York City’s Central Park and the US Capitol grounds.

Colorful Idaho

The teams are known as the Vandals, a name which came about in 1917 when a student newspaper reported that the University basketball team vandalized their opponents.  The reference stuck, and they have been known as the vandals since then.

There are four primary rival schools, Washington State, only eight miles away, Boise State, Idaho state and the University of Montana.  The rivalries with Washington state and Montana go back almost 100 years and have been the source of intense competition.

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