Fun Facts About Idaho


Idaho can be a bit of a silly place. There are a lot of strange things that go on within its borders and while they are not always nice things for the people who are forced to go through them, they can still be fun to learn about. A lot of history has gone down in Idaho and some of the stories that have come out on the other side of that history are surprising and can be difficult to believe. Every state has these kinds of stories and they are important to that state’s identity, but we are not talking about just any state, but the great Gem State of Idaho. Even if you have lived in Idaho your entire life, some of the funny things I have to tell you might not have crossed your desk or maybe they just did not occur to you to be as strange or silly as they really are. So, how about I introduce you to the fun side of Idaho and give you some fun facts about the state that you know and love. We can go over some funny names for the different towns in Idaho as well as some of the laws that make no sense and are never enforced. Finally, there are a couple of those stories that I would like to tell about specific moments in Idaho’s history that are a little insane.

So, what are the towns in Idaho that have strange names? Are we talking about Boise? You are not going to find that kind of name anywhere else. But no, it is a name that makes sense and comes out of relevant history. Mostly, I am talking about Slickpoo, Idaho. That is right, there is a town in Idaho called Slickpoo. Not exactly the most flattering name but I think the people of Slickpoo are proud of their name. But Slickpoo is not alone in having a strange name in Idaho. There is also Dingle. I wonder if the citizens of Dingle have a strong relationship with the citizens of Slickpoo. The twin concepts of slick poo and dingleberries certainly have a lot in common. Of course, if bathroom humor does not do it for you then there are a few more towns with more highbrow names such as Riddle. Why is it called riddle? Maybe that is the riddle. Who really knows? There is even a town named Santa. Now hear me out here. What if this is where Santa’s workshop is and that whole North Pole thing is just a lie concocted by the government to have us looking in the wrong place? No? Not with me? That is fair.

As with any state in America (Or just any place in the world), Idaho has its fair share of strange laws that do not quite belong in the system anymore, but which still stick around anyway. Sure, no police officer is going to be enforcing these laws and the second anyone who makes laws actually notices that they are still around they will likely vanish, but it is fun to hear about them anyway. For example, if you happen to call a dog house home (Maybe you have done something to really upset your significant other) you might be breaking the law. We are talking about real dog houses and not the figurative ones here but either way, you are in trouble. If you happen to own a helicopter and want to get some hunting done, you had better not combine the two activities of hunting and helicopter flying. Of course, that might actually make sense because you kind of have an unfair advantage over the animals you are hunting but it is strange to know that someone has tried this before and that Idaho needed to make a law about it. If you live in Eagle and want to sweep out the dirt from your porch into the street, you had better make sure there is not an officer of the law around. This is a law that obviously comes from a time when dirt was a lot more common and roads were not paved as well as they are now.

But let us get specific because a lot of wacky things have happened in Idaho. Wacky things like the American Falls migration. Now, if you know anything about Idaho then you might know that American Falls is a town (With a regular name). You might thus be asking yourself: “how would the town of American Falls migrate?” The answer is simple and direct. The government picked up the whole town and drove it somewhere else. In the early 1900s, the government started work on a new dam next to American Falls. Once completed, the dam would redirect nearby water to flood the area where the town was located. Of course, no one wanted to be there when this happened, so they decided that the town would move elsewhere. But no one was satisfied with just the people moving. That would mean leaving behind a whole bunch of valuable town to be destroyed and a lot of memories. So, everyone took their home or business, put it on the book of a giant truck or trailer (And we are talking massive) and they all moved out of the area that would be flooded. That is right, entire buildings were moved. All in all, hundreds of homes made the track along with several businesses and a church.

More recently, a band of people ended up shutting down most of the hiking and traveling trails near Scotchman Peak. The goats just attacked too many people and it was decided it was not a good idea to let anyone else in. In reality, it was not the fault of the goats. Of course, considering these were mountain goats and many of them weigh more than your average human, people were in danger of getting hurt.

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