Five Fun and Easy Inexpensive Home Projects

Nice Two Story House

Redecorating and increasing the functionality of your home doesn't have to be spendy or take a lot of time. Doing something as simple as rearranging your furniture or changing out an old faucet can do wonders to your space and have a dramatic effect. Between unique do-it-yourself decorating ideas and home improvements, here are five easy and inexpensive ways to change up your home.

Paint one Wall in Your House

Painting is one of the first and frequently tackled do-it-yourself home projects because it's simple and fast for nearly anyone to do. Known as an accent wall, painting just one wall is a safe way to add a splash of color without overdoing it. Before you take to the wall with a paint laden brush, first consider what cold and warm hues could do for the room. Cooler colors, such as blues, greens, and purples, have the effect of being able to push walls away from the eye. A short room can seem longer, or a skinny room can feel wider if you paint an end wall in one of these cooler hues. On the other hand, choosing a warmer hue such as oranges, reds, and yellows, they tend to pull your eye toward the wall. Adding a red accent wall will seem much closer than a blue one. Which effect are you going for?

Rearrange Your Furniture

Remolded Living Room

Looking for a free and quick way to completely change the look of your home? It might sound too easy, but by rearranging your furniture, you'll transform the feel of your home using only the amount of time you're willing to dedicate to the project. How you utilize the space in your home makes all the difference, so understanding relationships in space is important for achieving the design that you want. It all comes down to scale and proportion, and what you want the room to be used for. To begin, clear out all the furniture and vacuum or mop the floor so you don't rearrange dust along with your furniture. In the living room, rearrange your furniture so everyone feels invited to join in on the discussion. Avoid putting furniture against the walls unless you have no other option, and make sure there is enough open space between pieces to avoid a crammed feeling.

Put Photographs Beneath a Glass Coffee Table

Your coffee table is the focal point of the living room, so it's important that it's dressed up to reflect your style.  By using a glass topped coffee table, you'll never get bored with it. So many different things can be done with a glass top table, photographs being just one of them. Depending on the design of the table, a variety of unique items can be placed within the table, only your space and imagination limits the possibilities. With photographs, you can change them out as often as you like, whether it's with the changing seasons, holidays or just because you get bored quickly with the same look. Photographs or pictures are the ultimate way to customize your space and reflect your personality. You can choose between personal snapshots, a broad landscape, or any image you can dream of. If you don't have a glass topped coffee table, you can purchase custom cut glass from the hardware store.

Install a New Faucet

Kitchen FaucetAdd instant elegance to your life by switching out your old faucet for a new one. Whether it's in the kitchen or the bathroom, changing up the faucet automatically increases the quality and look of your space -- and it doesn't have to cost a lot. The hardware store has an eclectic variety of options from all designs and price ranges -- which can lead to the challenging part -- choosing the right one. Color? Shape? Two handles or one? A trip to the plumbing showroom is the ideal way to get a feel for how a sink and faucet will function. When shopping, the most important thing to know is that what separates a good faucet from a lesser faucet is the material they're made of. Next to look at is the finish. The finish determines how the faucet looks as well as how easy it is to maintain.

Change Light Switch Plates

This is one of the easiest and instantly gratifying home projects you can do -- and one of the least expensive. Help yourself and your guests find the light switch with something bold and fun, or add a simple splash of color to liven up the room. With light switch plates, the possibilities are virtually limitless. The project can be taken up by a hardy do it yourself personality with just ten spare minutes, or it can be done as a Saturday afternoon project with craft glue, ribbons, stamps, and acrylic paint. Fabric is another fun way to wrap up an ordinary switch cover, whether it's in the bedroom or the bathroom. This is another great way to show off your personality and add some flare. Looking for other great home projects you can tackle with fabric? Artwork can get extremely expensive, so why not cut out pieces from your favorite fabric and frame them? It's a unique and inexpensive way to dramatize any wall.

Here's to cheap decorating and home mix-ups: let your mind wander and guide to you to more ideas that work with your aesthetic.

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