First-Time Home Buying Today: What to Know


First-time home buyers are great because they know, to some extent, the benefits they will receive when buying Idaho real estate and they are acting on it. There is probably the highest risk of an ineffective home buying experience, in terms of cost, time, and effort, the first time you buy a home, as there is a lot to learn. But this is an excellent time to buy Idaho real estate, for a variety of reasons, which is why first-time home buyers make up a large portion of those looking for houses right now. We'll give you a list of tips that are by no means exhaustive, but nonetheless, should help those who want to buy their first piece of Idaho real estate.

What are you looking for?

If you were buying a car, you'd have a list of features you desire to have in it within your price range, the same is true for a home. Sit down and determine what's most important for you in size, location, style, and amenities. When you've come to some conclusions, it is vital that you communicate clearly to your Realtor what you've decided that you want in a home. Before beginning your home search, get pre-qualified. This will show everyone helping you with your Idaho real estate purchase that you are a serious buyer, so you will be treated as such, and you will save lots of time looking only at what you can actually afford. At this point, you will also need to get yourself ready for the fun, effort, and stress that will be a part of your life while you search for homes--being calm, cool, and collected will make your life easier and decision making better.

Getting a Realtor

tablet4_sm_300A quality realtor is absolutely necessary for you to get into a home that you want at a good price--the first time you buy and every time after as well. Hughes Group realtors will treat you fairly and explain clearly everything you need to know when buying a home. They will help you refine your home preferences into an actual Idaho real estate property. You will want to rely on them, so you'll need to trust and feel comfortable with your Realtor. Hughes Group realtors have experience with first-time buyers, and will show you homes that fit nicely into your search categories, and then give you straightforward commentary on the pluses and minuses of each home. Then, when you get into the negotiation process, they will fight for you and your interests, not being done with their work until they've helped you get into a first home that you totally love.

Advantages for today's First-Time Buyers

The bottom line for why it is a great time to buy Idaho real estate for the first time is that it is more affordable to buy a home is more affordable than it has been in decades. Interest rates are at historical lows, which will will save you thousands of dollars. To put today's rates into perspective, in the 1980's interest rates were over 10%, while they are far now less than those levels. On top of that, prices for homes are well below what they were before the economy dropped. You can expect to make money on appreciation over time, while paying possibly less than you would to rent an apartment or home. Strong tax advantages are huge benefits for homeowners and there are many government programs that help first-time home buyers in a variety of substantial ways. Your Hughes Group realtor will make sure you understand and take advantage of all of the aids available to you. You will in for a bit of a ride, but it will be fun and less stressful than you would think, and you will be building your future with a great investment. Start your first-time home buying experience today!

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