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Finding Your Dream Home While Still in Your Pajamas


These days, it’s all about convenience.  Who has time to drive all over town when there are so many things to do right at home?  And with the ease of the internet, and cell phones with their many apps, it is easier than ever to look for real estate from home, too. Whether you are on the go or on the porch, while still in your pajamas, you can do the initial searching for your dream home or any other real estate from home.

Step 1:  With coffee or cocoa in hand, log onto the internet.  The best websites available that allow you to look for for real estate from home will also give you information about the communities you are interested in.  Buying a new place has just as much to do with location and access to your needs as it does to the cost and the floor plan.  Two great web sites that will allow you to do this type of searching for real estate from home are buyidahorealestate.com and startpackingidaho.com.

Step 2:  Do your homework.  It will be overwhelming for you to look for real estate from home unless you first research what appeals to you in a residence.  There are so many homes to choose from, that narrowing down the possibilities can trim hours off of your searching for real estate from home.  Once you are physically looking at homes, this essential step can trim days or weeks off of your time driving around the area.

interior_kitchen14_sm_300Step 3: Establish your needs.  Besides narrowing down the region, or even the exact neighborhood where you want to purchase your home, try making a list of wants and needs for your dream home.  Do you want 3 bedrooms or 4?  How about the size of the garage?  Do you want out-buildings, like a shop or barn, or would you like water features, like a swimming pool?  How many bathrooms would be ideal?  What about amenities like a fireplace or a playroom?  What is the minimum square footage that will help you feel you have enough space?  Do you have a preference for a specific school district?

The innovative searching capability on your real estate web site will allow you to narrow down your choices in many different ways--including map search, searching by school district, and more...so that you are not wasting time looking at homes that will not work.

Step 4:  Enlist help.  Once the primary searching has given you plenty of homes to think about, discuss options.  This may prove to be a very smart step, because it will eliminate wasted time when you are actually in the neighborhood and looking at homes.  Your real estate professional will also want to do some research in your behalf to be sure there are not any preliminary issues with the homes you are interested in.  Realtors can be the difference between a great home-buying experience and a nightmare.  Use a realtor’s expertise and experience to make the transition into your dream home as stress-free and relaxing as possible.

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Prestige Properties of America wrote: Nice information, good stuff with good ideas and concepts, lots of great information and inspiration, both of which we all need, thanks for providing such helpful information here.

Posted on Thursday, August 2nd, 2012 at 7:16am.

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