Financial Centers of Idaho

Within the state of Idaho there are several different financial institutions. These provide Idaho residents many different products and services. Whether you are looking for a bank to finance your purchase on an Idaho home or you are looking for a dependable bank to call yours there are many different options.

Idaho Independent Bank
Idaho Banks provides its customers with excellent, reliable service in a hometown environment. Founded in 1993, it was created to offer residents a service that was lost when a number of other banks merged and consolidated. Idaho Independent Bank believes that clients should be first in priority and has a mission of keeping its branches small and local. This aspect enables this financial institution to provide borrowing and credit products without a great deal of red tape. While it is able to maintain a local, hometown service, it is also able to provide the latest technology to its customers. Idaho Independent Bank provides online banking and many online tools and calculators.

Bank of the West in IdahoBank of the West
Bank of the West was founded in 1874 as Farmers National Gold Bank. Since its inception it has grown from its hometown in California and has expanded to provide financial services and products to residents throughout the Rocky Mountain, Midwest and Southwest areas. The company changed its name in 1979 to Bank of the West. The newly titled bank became a leading financial service provider.  Bank of the West now serves clients in over 700 branches across the country and five in Idaho. This nationally leader is still able to provide hometown service to its customers. Branches are located in Boise, Ketchum, Eagle, and Meridian.

Wells Fargo Bank in Idaho

Wells Fargo Bank
For more than 150 years, the image linked to Wells Fargo Bank is a stagecoach loaded with gold rumbling across the west. This financial institution has made it through the development of the west coast, the turn of the century, the depression and the world wars. Through it all it has kept customer service as a number one focus while making the technological advances of modern times. Wells Fargo service and products are presently offered through online banking, phone banking and both drive in and in branch tellers. Also there are over 25 different locations within Boise.

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