Farmer’s Markets in the Treasure Valley


You will find so many different awesome things to do in Boise and the surrounding Treasure Valley area. One of the best things about Boise is that it has all the qualities that you would want from a big city while still having a country vibe since all around the city is a wilderness filled with beautiful nature. This more rural area provides the Treasure Valley with the delicious fresh crops that Idaho is so well-known for. As such, all throughout the Treasure Valley are some truly fantastic farmer’s markets where you can go buy some fruits and vegetables for yourself. Trying out some of these wonderful foods is absolutely one of the greatest ways to experience the Gem State, and farmer’s markets make sure to provide the best and freshest of what Idaho has to offer.

Downtown Boise is the home of the Capital City Public Market, which was Boise’s first farmer’s market and was created as a response to the many similar markets that were cropping up in the region. This particular farmer’s market has been a popular staple of the downtown part of the city since 1994 and now has upwards of 130 vendors every Saturday (they have come a long way since their first year, in which they had 10 vendors and one employee!). In addition to fresh produce, there are many great homemade crafts as well as locally made wines and meat that is raised in the Treasure Valley. The mission of Capital City Public Market is to help small businesses in many different ways including advertising, marketing, and merchandising support, all to sustain these businesses in their efforts to build a base of clients. The Market takes in millions of dollars that they use in these endeavors to help growing businesses.

Another beloved farmer’s market in Boise is the aptly named Boise Farmer’s Market located on 10th and Grove. This place has just about everything that you would need from a farmer’s market, with its variety of vendors selling all kinds of things such as fruits and vegetables fresh from the Treasure Valley, an abundance of different kinds of local meat, pastries, jams, bread, sauces, coffee, and honey as well as meals that are already ready for you to eat! Food is available year-round on a seasonal basis, so depending on when you check out the Boise Farmer’s Market, you may have a completely different selection of items! The ultimate goal of this great market is to support local and natural foods along with a healthy lifestyle.

If you are in Caldwell, Idaho you should count yourself lucky, because you will soon come to find that the Caldwell Farmer’s Market is one of the most underrated farmer’s markets in the Treasure Valley. There are dozens of fantastic vendors carrying jewelry, honey, baked foods, and all of the Idaho goods and produce that you would expect from a farmer’s market in the Gem State. You’ll have so much fun just touring through this part of town, with several food vendors so you can enjoy a hot meal as you travel through the market. One of the most fun things about the Caldwell Farmer’s Market is the live music that is playing there, so after buying what you need, be sure to take some time to enjoy the local bands!

Formerly known as the Meridian Youth Farmer’s Market, the Meridian Main Street Market is the largest farmer’s market in Idaho’s second largest city. Managed by Brittany Price and CheRee Eveland in an effort to help locals to make their dreams come true, This great spot in Meridian is one of the most popular places for people in the community like farmers, artisans, entrepreneurs, crafters, and even youth to sell their products grow their businesses every summer. The Main Street Market’s involvement of the youth is what really makes this place a standout among other markets in the Boise metropolitan area. As you pay a visit to the market you’ll also find how beautiful downtown Meridian is, and you’ll absolutely fall in love with this city!

Nampa is the third largest city in the Treasure Valley, and their Historic Downtown area is home to yet another fantastic farmer’s market (located in Lloyd Square Park). Although it has moved locations, the market has been around since 1989 by John and Afine Relk and is still going strong! They recognized that many of their neighbors and friends had wonderful things to offer to the community so they opened a place where that could be shared with everyone locally. They had humble beginnings, with only 3 vendors their first year, but it didn’t take long at all for it to grow into what it is today. Now when you go through the market you’ll be able to check out anywhere from 60 to 70 vendors each week. No matter how snowy or rainy it is, the market is open every Saturday for 6 months out of the year and visitors will always be able to find produce grown locally, baked goods, and hot meals. There is always local entertainers providing some great song and dance.

The smaller Treasure Valley towns are certainly not left out when it comes to great farmer’s markets, as evidenced by the Eagle Saturday Market in the city of Eagle. In addition to tasty local fruits and vegetables, there are other great things to check out like arts and crafts, woodwork, plants, and ready-to-eat food. The Market is also a place where local community members will come together to help support small businesses and where musicians living in the community will come share their talent.

Amazingly, this doesn’t even cover all the great farmer’s markets in the Treasure Valley! These are some of the larger ones, but it’s a testament to the great agriculture of Idaho that all over the Treasure Valley are farmer’s markets big and small where you can get the freshest of what farmers are growing as well as support local businesses.


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