Farmer’s Markets in the Treasure Valley

Farmers markets are a great place to find fresh, locally grown produce. There are also a lot of home grown proteins such as jerky and other meats. You can also find sauces and jams that are locally sourced. You will also be able to find baked goods. In some of the bigger markets you can find jewelry and artwork, You can get flowers and herbs that are grown in the area as well. There are some places such as Eagle where they have special event days that coincide with the farmer's markets and the vendors will be set up with their products as usual but they will also provide local concerts. No matter where you choose to go you will be able to find a lot of fun new things that support local development. Idaho has a very big agricultural influence and that comes through in the farmer's markets that sprinkle the Treasure Valley but there is also an influence of art in some of the markets. There are stands with pottery, woodwork, and paintings. The farmer's markets in the Treasure Valley have a great sense of community and provides amazing produce for you to enjoy. Or you can find fun and unique artwork to decorate your home and make it your own.

The most notable thing about the farmer's markets is the amazing people. Everyone is so kind and there because they really believe in their product. If you go to a market where there are pieces of art such as paintings, woodwork, pottery or jewelry you will be meeting the people that created those pieces making each piece unique and important. You will be able to meet new people and learn about new recipes and swap ideas on how to make certain dishes or preserve the life of certain crops. There are even stands at the farmers market in downtown Boise that gives information on certain crops and the places that you can find locally sourced produce in places other than the farmers market. Due to the fact that the farmer's markets all through the Treasure Valley close for winter it is important that people know where they can get locally sourced produce in the winter and that is why the information booths are helpful to stop at. Farmers markets are great for encouraging locals and their businesses. Keeping these people in business is important for the whole state because growth in agricultural business is what keeps Idaho doing well economically.

There are a lot of businesses that are locally owned in downtown Boise and they are important to support and going to the farmer's markets are actually a great way of doing that. There are some stores that will use the farmer's markets to market their business by bringing samples of their product for you to try. There are also shops that you will pass as you go along through the market. The markets really support locals and their businesses. The markets do close in the winters so people make most of their money during the spring through the fall which is great but that also means that they have to find other ways to make money in the winter. There are some stands that will sell to you during the off season. Especially the artists that do not have to rely on the weather for their product to grow like the agricultural stands. Some artists will even take personal requests during the off season because they have more time to put their focus on the art. You may have to pay a little extra but you are sure to get something that you love. The people are very kind at these markets and they are more than willing to tell you more about their product and how to go about continuing to purchase the goods they provide year round.

Not to mention the fun street performances that you are bound to find at the bigger markets. Much like registering for a spot to set up a booth for sales you may also register for a spot to perform. There is a variety of talent that come to perform and it is a great way to check out some interesting talents that you might not have ever thought of before. There are some people that are crowd favorites that always secure a spot on the market but there is also a nice rotation of new people that come to perform. From dancing violinists to jazz singers dressed in a snazzy suit and tie there are people of all talents for you to enjoy while you shop. All of these performers do a wonderful job of adding to the ambiance that the farmer's markets already have. The add an upbeat and entertaining feel to the market. So make sure to leave a tip when you find a performer that you like. These people are here to make your experience there just that much better.

The environments that most farmer’s markets in the Treasure Valley have are so vibrant and fun to experience. They all provide different things and you can rotate between the ones near you to get the things you want and need. This is a great way to meet new people and create new connections. You can network with people if you are a new business owner as well. This is a great way to find a partner or someone to provide you will a good for you to incorporate into your business. With the fresh and colorful vegetables, shiny jewelry and rich smells of taco trucks and baked goods there is no way that you cannot enjoy yourself while at the farmers market. So while you are gaining the amazing benefits of locally sourced produce that you can trace, personalized art pieces and a nice lemonade to sip on while you shop you are also supporting local business. Come to a local farmer market and you will find a lot more than crops, it is guaranteed.

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