Downtown Boise Gets Noticed

boise_downt_town_500 recently ranked downtown Boise #4 in the nation for top downtowns in 2012 and for good reason. Boise is a exciting, young city that is truly coming of age and its downtown is a thriving cultural and economic center that is the heart of the city, valley, and state. Idaho's largest city, Boise is located on the western side of the state and is the only major metropolitan area for hundreds of miles in any direction. A classic western city, Boise has elements of other west coast cities like Portland or Seattle but is truly unique unto itself. Boise has a rich and interesting history and is host to events exclusive to the Treasure Valley like the Idaho Shakespeare Festival and Boise Basque Festival. Here's some of the reasons why it's receiving national attention.

boise_down_town1_sm_300Downtown Boise features more than 700 businesses from small tech start ups to major employers like U.S. Bank, AT&T and Cisco Systems. Downtown Boise employs over 30,000 people and that number continues to grow. With an unemployment rate almost 2% less than the national average, Boise continues to be a great location to find work. Downtown Boise is also a location for many entrepreneurs looking to open up shop, partly because property taxes for businesses hover around 1.9% which is one of the lowest tax rates in the United States. Also, downtown Boise's electrical power is supplied almost exclusively from hydroelectric and geothermal power making utility costs small for businesses and residents. (

According to Capital City Development Corp, currently more than 3,900 people live in downtown Boise, with a number of new development projects that number is expected to grow to 13,686 by 2025. Because of the smaller population of permanent residents downtown, the housing remains relatively affordable compared to similar housing in other western cities. Downtown Boise Real Estate features historic homes, high-rise condos, and modern structures.  Another benefit of the smaller downtown population is less congestion and traffic which improves quality of living for everyone. Compared to the traffic jams of southern California or Seattle, the ease of travelling through downtown Boise can seem like a dream. Also, you'll never have to worry about finding parking, as parking along the streets is free on weekends and there are many parking garages with low fares.

boise_downtown2_sm_300Downtown Boise features a number of dining and entertainment options, more than most would imagine. Whether it's grabbing a drink, catching the latest movie, or dancing until the early hours of the morning, downtown Boise has something to offer everybody. Currently, downtown is host to over 90 bars and restaurants most of which are owned by local residents. Popular eateries include Chandlers Steakhouse, Bardenay, and Bittercreek Ale House. With the largest university in Idaho, Boise State University, a short walk away from downtown, the nightlife is exciting and upbeat as many students make the short trip downtown to celebrate the weekend. Popular college hotspots include the Main Street Bistro, Cafe Ole and China Blue which offer specials to college students and anybody else looking to experience some fun on the weekends.

With all the great reasons to love Boise, it's no wonder that the city and it's downtown are growing so rapidly. Whether you're watching a Steelheads hockey game at the CenturyLink Arena, shopping at the farmers market, or watching your favorite band play at the Knitting Factory, you're bound to find something that you'll love. You may notice the beautiful mountains jutting above town just ten minutes away, or it may be so routine that it's out of mind. Boise's downtown is unique, entertaining, and good-looking and we'll see how it continues to stay seemingly small and definitely loveable.

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