Don't Freeze With Old Windows

It is getting colder, and as winter approaches, those owning Boise homes may notice that it is becoming more difficult to keep their houses at their desired temperature. They may be tempted to just shut their blinds to help stop drafts and keep the chill out, however, there may be a better way to keep their homes warm while, at the same time, reaping the benefits of reduced energy costs and heating bills.

Those living in Boise homes may experience an increase of cold air seeping in through their windows as the temperature begins to drop. This not only increases heating bills, but it allows moisture to creep in from the outside. Many people find the quickest solution to this problem to be simply shutting their curtains to keep the cold out. Although this can at least partially help solve the problem, it does not completely resolve the issue greater issue that their windows are not doing their job. It may also lead to other problems, such as seasonal affective disorder for the occupants of the home, due to less exposure to sunlight in the reduced daylight hours.


It may not be something that a homeowner has thought about, but many Boise homes, both old and new, could benefit from an upgrade to Energy Star rated windows. These windows can reduce energy bills up to 15% and reduce energy consumption from 7-10% (Energy Star). Making these upgrades may also qualify owners of Boise homes for a tax deduction in the state of Idaho the year that they are installed. Eligibility for these deductions may include those upgrading from single pane to double pane windows, as well as those upgrading from double pane windows with a steel or aluminum frame to vinyl framed windows with an Energy Star rating (

Window treatments may not completely solve energy problems, however they can still be a beneficial and stylish option as part of a larger plan to reduce energy costs. The fabric choice is important when looking at curtains for this specific reason, because some fabrics will not block out the chill as well as recommends using wool for this purpose. Wool drapes will not only add a stylish and colorful feel to a room, but it will help keep out the frigid winter temperatures that Idaho experiences after the sun goes down.

Temperature changes are something that those living in Boise homes have to think about. Idaho experiences four distinct seasons with their own distinct challenges. When sitting down and trying to think about what you can do to help reduce your energy costs over the coming months, this may be a good place to start. In the fall and winter, especially in areas like Idaho that experience a change in temperature, reducing energy consumption and costs by upgrading to energy efficient windows and considering seasonally appropriate window treatments can be a quick and easy way to make a large impact and experience immediate savings on energy bills.

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