Discovering Idaho's Student Housing Investments


Head off to school this fall?
It's time to start thinking about housing. As anyone would know students have a lot of details to sort through. From registering to classes to sorting out housing arrangements for the coming semester, many different options are available to today's modern student. Regardless of whether it's a decision made out of necessity or desire, more and more students and their parents are choosing to invest in student housing located close to their campus. While it can be tempting to simply snatch up the first property you check out, you'll likely want to keep these two tips in mind, in order to protect your investment.

Location is Key
Proximity to campus is one of the most valuable characteristics of a potential student housing property. Even if many college students have their own means of transportation, most students still want a property that is within walking distance of their classroom. No matter if you're purchasing accommodation for your own child or hope to rent out your investment, this is a fundamental principle that any property you consider should possess.

Determine the University's Housing SituationBoise State Football Games 
Another vital element you'll want to consider is the university's current housing situation. Does a school presently have enough space to house all interested students? Are they planning to build new dorms or student residences anytime soon? You want to make sure your investment remains a valuable asset in the years to come. Doing so means making certain there will be a continuous need for student housing in the neighborhood where you purchase the property.

Investing near smaller, private colleges is often times less profitable than purchasing near large, public institutions. Larger schools have a greater need for housing, and thus more students will likely be searching for nearby apartments and homes to rent. For example, at BSU, there are around 20,000 students, but less than 2,700 of those students live in the university's residence halls. Numbers like that are very encouraging for those considering investing in homes in Boise, Idaho.

Regardless of where you decide to purchase your Idaho property, you'll want to keep long-term profitability in mind. Purchasing a piece of real estate today could prove to be a valuable investment over the course of your ownership. By determining the market value you could expect the home to maintain, you'll be certain to keep your investment safe for years to come.

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