Different Methods of Hunting in Idaho

A lot of people come to Idaho with grand plans for hunting because there is a lot of open space with a wide variety of different animals that are ideal for hunting. In some areas of Idaho, you can go for miles without coming across another living soul and while encountering a hundred different kinds of animal that are either going to run away or fight you for survival (Though the latter is a little more unlikely). One of the really interesting things about hunting is that there are a lot of ways to go about doing it. There are various different weapons to use and they all come with vastly different styles needed to adopt, in order to get into the environment of the animal desired to hunt effectively. I want to get into some of these different methods and explain to you the details you might not be aware of before you consider them. 

Of course, the most practical and common weapon that is used for hunting is the firearm. It was not the first way people hunted in our history but pretty much everyone these days goes into the woods with a gun if they want to get some hunting done. Pistols are generally going to be useless for real hunting but rifles and shotguns have the ability to get the job done. Generally, hunters will use a shotgun for hard to hit targets that fly or need to be scared out of some cover and which move at great speed. Hunters do not need to be as accurate and can take less time to line up a shot. 

The other projectile weapon that is very common is the bow and arrow. This is definitely a more traditional weapon to use when hunting animals but it is also much more difficult. A bow requires strength, extra precision, and understanding of what happens to the arrow when it leaves the string. It takes a lot more time to learn how to use a bow and arrow than it does a gun. The difficulty that comes from using a bow does not invalidate the effectiveness of it. If a hunter shoots an animal in the right place it is going to die regardless of whether you shot it with a bow or gun. The nice part is that you can retrieve arrows, have a higher satisfaction in your ability to hunt, and live in a way similar to the manner of our human ancestors. A bow is also generally going to be a safer tool, though still could be dangerous when used improperly. 

You might also try hunting with a fishing pole. While no one ever refers to fishing as a form of hunting that does not mean it is out of the category. Fishing is probably one of the best ways to test the waters if you are unsure about whether hunting is going to interest you or not, assuming you have not already done copious amounts of fishing and are looking for something new to up your game. Fishing is relatively easy and almost completely safe. The biggest dangers you might encounter are the hook at the end of your line going somewhere you do not want it to go or the potential for drowning if you fall into the water and cannot swim. Fishing is something that you can get good at and it can introduce you to some of what might make hunting difficult for you. One of the biggest problems people have with hunting is that it results in dead animals. Animals that you have to kill. With fishing, you can decide how you feel about that for yourself with the possibility of not having to kill anything at all. Maybe you let the fish go to live the rest of its life. 

Keep in mind that some kinds of hunting are not legal to pursue. One of the biggest examples is spear hunting, which is legal in a few states but not Idaho. The idea is that you throw a spear at an animal to kill it instead of shooting it with a bullet or arrow. The reason for this being illegal is a little murky, but it is not a law you should test.

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