Did you know that 88% of Idaho Buyers Search via the Internet?

boise-home-42_400These days in Idaho and elsewhere selling your home requires far more than simply placing a sign in the front yard.  While that sign can be helpful for people who happen to be driving by, in order to sell your home quickly and find the right buyer for your property you will need other and more effective marketing methods.

Your Idaho real estate agent can help you in many ways to make sure your home is listed in a variety of places using many methods.  A  yard sign is still important and local newspapers and printed publications work to a certain extent. Most home sellers and buyers in Idaho have found that internet home marketing has become the most critical resource in their real estate and house hunting adventure. 

One very important note – recent studies show that 88% of home buyers search first using the internet.  This means that it is extremely important for your home to be listed and easily found online. Local buyers of Boise real estate, Meridian homes or Eagle Idaho properties may stumble across that sign in the yard or the print ads if you're lucky but what about all the relocating buyers from S. California, Arizona or Washington? Internet marketing provides wider exposure to both local and out of area buyers.

Selecting the right Idaho real estate agent and getting featured on the right real estate web site is very important to a home seller's success... Be sure and check out how much traffic and buyer activity each agent's site is attracting... There are thousands of Idaho real estate agent web sites but only a few which provide any level of consistent activity. The site you are visiting now, BuyIdahoRealEstate.com is one of the most heavily trafficked sites in Idaho and has huge number of returning visitors each day. Some important questions to consider...

  • Will the home only be listed on the real estate agent website? Is the traffic there? How many site visits per day? (Look for at least 1,000)
  • Can someone find your home for sale listing by using Google, Bing, or other search engines?
  • Is the home easily found on popular real estate websites such as realtor.com ?
  • How much information is available in your listing?  Are there pictures of the front of the home, back yard, living room, kitchen, and other areas?  How well is your neighborhood described including schools and popular sites like parks?  Can you post a “walk through” video tour of your home?
  • Is your price range in line with other similar homes listed on the site for the same area of town?
  • When should your listing begin and for how long should it appear?  Most online sites allow a start date as well as an expiration date for the listing, and then the sites can allow you to renew the listing if you like.
  • Are there any distinguishing features that you should highlight?  If you have a large parcel of real estate, a pool, fenced in yard, or other amenities you may want to make sure those items stand out in the header or sub-header of your listing.

With so many people checking online before doing any other type of real estate search, it is a good idea to take advantage of the opportunity and make your best impression with your online home for sale listing.  Check with an internet based real estate agent for assistance in making a great first impression online so that your home can be sold quickly and at the price that you want.

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