Developmental Projects in Idaho

It seems like there is always something coming up in ways of projects, or that there is always construction on every other road. Well, the growth of Idaho will just continue adding said projects and construction to keep up with the demand. Several new buildings that will be used for commercial properties are popping up all around, you will find new hotels, apartments, and businesses. New schools are being considered in many areas, old libraries are being reborn and downtowns are getting additions such as movie theaters and plazas.

One of the biggest changes of all is in the politics area. November ballot will contain the seven statewide offices. After twelve years, Butch Otter will not be continuing on as governor, therefore a group of Republicans have stepped up to get nominated in the primary that happens back in May.

Projects proposed to come in the next few months

A new roundabout will be added to the roads of East Fort and Reserve Streets. The roundabout will be a two-lane roundabout and is located close to St. Luke’s Medical Center in Boise. In addition, the perimeter to the hospital will also add a cycle track.

The new intersection that has been under construction at Lake Hazel and Cole Road will be finishing up. The intersection will be raised up seventeen feet higher in order to allow the New York Canal to go underneath it.

Warm Springs Avenue and Marianne Williams park will be connected by adding the new addition of a bridge.

Boise School District will be replacing the old 1979 building that was praised for its utilization of solar energy, along with the earthen roof. The building was later demanded unsafe due to leaks. The School District has been working to construct the building into the new Amity Elementary. The district will continue the expansion of Timberline High School, hoping to complete the construction this year. In addition, the construction for the expansion of Hillside Junior High, as well as The Dennis Education Center will be complete this year.

There are 81 apartments that are planned to rent in the downtown housing of 5th and Idaho buildings. In addition, to the added apartments the complex will add over a thousand square foot park with an artificial turf.

A new store for Albertsons will be added to Boise at the corner of Beacon Streets and Broadway. Albertsons will also, be remodeling a building that was formerly a Shopko at the corner of Fairview and Eagle Road in Meridian.

Idaho is getting its very own medical school. The Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine will be opening to students. The school is privately funded and is currently under construction in Meridian.

St. Luke’s is expanding by opening a clinic at Park Boulevard.

Projects coming up at the end of the year

We know that Otter has decided not to run this year, leaving all offices open for the running this year on November sixth.

A new forty unit housing for those who are chronically homeless will be coming at the end of October. The Path Community Housing is set to be at the building that use to be Twin Dragon on Fairview. Along with the new housing will be on-site services provided by Terry Reilly, both medical, social, and skill training will be offered.

This fall the construction at the corner of Collister along with State will begin. The project is in hopes that they can open up some dedicated turn lanes to make the streets a little more aligned. The widening of State Street will also take place, a crosswalk will be added. In addition, access to the Greenbelt will be added. The total timeframe for this entire project will take approximately a year.

Another Micron office is coming to town. Micron has finalized plans to construct a three-story office approximately the same size as Walmart Supercenter. The building will be at the campus of the headquarters on Federal Way.

St. Alphonsus is planning to construct a neighborhood hospital, which will be located right next to Whole Foods on Myrtle Street. The hospital will have 8 exam rooms, 8 inpatient beds, as well as a department for imaging that will bring services such as CT and X-ray.

Development projects that are in the process or completed this year

The beginning of the year brought many changes to the area and the state. Some of those developments include the zoo expansion that started in January of this year. The expansion is said to be eight point nine million dollars and will include a Mozambique Gorongosa National Park. The exhibit will be top line and contain some Wild dogs from African, some baboons, some vervet monkeys, as well as some Nile Crocodiles. The expansion is set to come to life in the summer of 2019.

A new apartment complex has been built on Broad St. in Boise. The apartments come with 159 units and range from a thousand to almost two thousand in rent per month. Inside the seven-story building will also house a pizza place, a coffeehouse, and a form and function.

Other housing such as the 8 unit Verraso housing will open later this year but will be a two-story building across from Rhodes Skate Park. The apartments have already started construction and will have 2, 3, or 4-bedroom apartments.

The remodeling of the old Nampa Library location and was under remodeled for new business tenants to take control in February or March.

The new Salvation Army/Marian Pritchett School has begun construction for their new campus. The new campus will be located on Emerald Street. The Salvation Army school has been a specialized school for pregnant or parent teens since the year 1964. The improvements and new school will offer a community center in which will be accessible all year long. The school will be accessible starting in the summer of 2019.

Public Library in Boise has the plan to share design ideas in regards to the new library. Currently, the Boise library sits in a warehouse that was from the 1940s and was converted to the cities library in 1973. The new building will cost up to seventy million dollars with the hopes that ⅓ of the money they will get from donations.

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