Boise City's Recycling Program

The Famous Blue ContainerRecycling has become a way of life for many across the country, and in homes in Boise it is no different. Some people may think that recycling is too difficult and time consuming. However, the City of Boise has made it simple for homeowners — and businesses, too — to make recycling a natural, seamless part of daily life. And, with some recently added programs, its never been easier for Boise residents to recycle.

Curbside Carts
The mainstay of the community's recycling program called Curb It uses the blue, rolling no-sort cart program. Homeowners fill this cart with everyday, recyclable household items and the city picks up the cart every other week. The week a home's recycling gets picked up is determined by the colored decal under the lid, and homeowners receive a schedule to post in their homes or can check online to determine their week. The items Boise homeowners can place in the blue cart include:          

     Rinsed aluminum and steel tin such as soup cans, soda cans, tin foil, empty aerosol cans, or even uncoated metal hangers. Individuals can leave paper labels on the cans.
     Cardboard, cut down to fit in the cart if needed.
     Paper including newspaper, scrap paper, junk mail, shredded paper, paper bags and phone books.
     Plastic containers, smashed or flattened, with the numbers 1-7 on the bottom up to three gallons in size.

Glass Recycling
Boiseans asked for it and just recently, the city of Boise introduced glass recycling. Homeowners can now request a second curbside cart for glass containers to be picked up monthly. Glass jars should be rinsed before going into the container.

Miscellaneous Recycling
While most Boise property owners may already be familiar with the blue curbside recycling and the new glass program, there are several other ways to recycle a number of household and items.

     Motor oil: Households can recycle up to two gallons of used motor oil per week. Set the containers next to, not in, the blue curbside recycling bin.
     Boise home owners can call ahead to schedule pick up of these larger items for responsible recycling, including safe disposal of any freon.
Beautiful Boise Foothills     Yard waste: The city operates leaf collection each fall and Christmas tree collection after the holiday. Boise property owners can also set out overflow bundles of tree limbs and branches with the trash.
To make recycling as easy as possible, the city of Boise maintains a website with recycling information run by the Public Works Department. Keeping Idaho land and homes beautiful is the goal and putting less waste in to our landfills makes a great difference. Recycling in Boise has never been easier so get started today.

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