Curb Appeal: Make Your Home Really Shine


As buyers pull up to see the home feeling excited, hopeful this could be "the one," the first twenty seconds of them seeing the house is very important, as it will affect their whole feeling about the home. Those selling Idaho homes often think of making sure the inside of their home is in tip-top condition to get the most interest from buyers, but the outside of the home is frequently forgotten. Remember, the curb appeal of Idaho homes heavily affects buyers, so sellers should spend their valuable time on what's most important. We'll share some ways to increase the curb appeal on a home:

1. Clean Home Exterior. The buyer of Idaho homes that sees cobwebs will be instantly turned off, perhaps unconsciously. The image of the seller is important for the buyer and a dirty home exterior sends the message that the homeowners didn't take great care of the home, which buyers might think could lead to problems. Be sure to power wash the whole outside of the house and wash the outside windows, which may have gone a while without cleaning. While you go around the home, ensure that you haven't missed any birds nests or beehives as well.

2. Lawn, Lawn, Lawn. Whatever you do, don't forget your lawn. Homeowners will definitely notice the front lawn as they are pulling up and it will make them immediately like the home more or less. It needs to be nicely mowed, trimmed, and de-weeded. Fertilizing is a good idea if the lawn isn't really green and see that the lawn is getting enough water. Good lawn care is important to maintain for as long as the home is on the market.

house_double_story1_sm_3003. Add flowers. Why not make the home more bright and beautiful with some flowers. Flowers are a quick, inexpensive way to make an impact on the exterior feel of a home. Putting them in colored pots will look best, be easiest, and allow you to take the flowers with you if you so desire. It's smart to clean up the flowerbeds if it's not flower season.

4. Trim it up. Trees, bushes, and shrubs should receive a good trimming before Idaho homes are put on the market. While trimming makes homes look much better, it isn't easy, so enlist professional help if you can't do it yourself. If any shrubbery blocks the house, it should be removed so buyers can get the clear view of the home that they desire.

5. Add mulch. If you use mulch around the yard, it can really add a nice look, but mulch deteriorates rather quickly. Putting new mulch can even make the flowers or shrubs around it be seen. If you don't already have them, consider putting in concrete curbing which really add to the quality of a home's exterior.

6. Improve the hardware. A home looks nicer and feel more secure with a new lock and door handle. The door is a place that people really look at, so it can be a smart, inexpensive idea. You could also replace outdated light fixtures, or even the street numbers and make a big difference--look anywhere and everywhere to make a home's curb appeal truly great.

You won't be alone in this important task because your Hughes Group agent will give you advice on what to do and how to make positive changes. Lean on them, as they have sold hundreds of homes, and will do everything they can to make your selling experience a success. Idaho homes are very sought after with huge amounts of competition--start getting your home ready with these tips and your own ideas today!

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