Craters of the Moon


The Craters of the Moon is a National Monument and a place of preservation in Idaho. The views are interesting and beautiful. You can go to the Craters of the Moon and camp under the stars and enjoy all of the beautiful scenery that the Craters of the Moon provide. The Craters of the Moon has a very interesting history of volcanic activity and the area holds some mystery as to what the future holds for this area. There were eight large volcanic eruptions that created the landscape that you can visit today. There are also 7 caves that you can explore in the Craters of the Moon that are actually volcanic tubes that were created thousands of years ago during the creation of this entire area. The Craters of the Moon are still developing and have recently stretched due to a nearby mountain that experienced an earthquake and made the land expand. This area is a very famous spot and has drawn some interesting people to the area including geologists from NASA. There are a lot of beautiful things that nature provides in Idaho.

This area is a high desert ecosystem that is fueled by volcanic soil that is actually the home to a diverse amount of plants and animals. This is a great place to go for a day trip or even to go camping. There is a lot to explore and check out when you get to the Craters of the Moon so come prepared for a lot of trekking and uneven ground. This area is a hot spot for scientific study of wildlife preservation because of the interesting elements that have come together and the unique array of wildlife and plant life that resides in this area. The Craters are in the eastern part of Idaho near Twin Falls. It is important to use the official website for this area to find directions because some digital maps tell you to use unpaved or unofficial roads that are not safe to drive on for you and the land that you would be crossing. This area is for the preservation of the land and there are people that put a lot of work in keeping the area suitable for the natural life that inhabits the area. You can either fly to this area or drive depending on what area of Idaho you are from with the closest airport being in Hailey Idaho you will still need some sort of car to drive the sixty miles in between the airport and the Craters of the Moon.

If you are planning to stay there for camping there are some things you should know such as dumping areas, where you can have RV’s and so on. There are several places to camp near the actual Craters of the Moon and there are several different sites you can contact while finding the ideal place to fit your needs. This is great if you are looking for a specific place to settle in and enjoy the area around you. The area is very unique and beautiful to witness but it is also full of history. You can go and enjoy the nature and experience the amazing sights but you will also be able to learn a little more about the area you live in. There is something special about being able to camp and experience this area more fully. While day trips are still great it is better if you go and fully experience the area. If you are one to really get invested in learning about the area you live in, this is a great place to go and explore. The history is very intriguing especially if you have some interest in the way the earth has changed over time from naturally occurring phenomenons such volcanic activity.

The great thing about the Craters of the Moon is that there is not a big city near it so the appeal does not get washed away with the frequency of going or the ease of access. It is relatively far away from most civilization and you have to make a point of going there. This is good because then you can be more focused on the area you are in and discover the beauty all around you. There is so much to appreciate while you are there from the diverse plant and animal life to the interesting and different terrain. Camping by the Craters of the Moon is especially great because you can take your time exploring and learning more about the earth and what it has to offer. There is so much to explore and it is very fun to go with a big group of people and use that time to connect with not only each other but the earth. You are sure to learn something or comes across something for the first time on a trip to the Craters of the Moon. While the landscape is beautiful and full of fun and interesting things it is also educational and is a great world to not only learn about the state you live in and how it came to be how it is now but also about the world as well.

If you are moving to Idaho or just visiting the Craters of the Moon is definitely something that you will want to experience at least once. With respectful and thoughtful interaction with the interesting sights that the Craters of the Moon offers you will be sure to have a very enjoyable time during your stay. There are great camping sights to use that are close by. So take some time off round up some friends and loved ones and go explore the great state of Idaho and all the wonders it holds.

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