Could you Brave Boise Idaho's Dirty Dash?


Community events are a central part of Boise's culture. A piece of Boise real estate holds the key to these wonderful events. From chilly early morning hot air balloon rides to holiday parades, to runs and walks for a cause, Boise is teeming with energy and fun. Perhaps one of the most rewarding foot races held annually is the legendary Dirty Dash, which sports the insignia of a hardcore pig. There is plentiful Boise real estate for you to investigate in your search for a shot at this race.

What is It?

The Dirty Dash is a 10K race through various, mud slicked obstacles. These include, but aren't limited to, bouncy tracks, long black tubes, monkey bars, and climbing nets, all on a mostly uphill ski slope, in Boise's case, Bogus Basin. The finish line is preceded by a large mud pit: hence the pig mascot. Pigs like mud. And so do Dirty Dashers. The arduous course can be compared to a cross between childhood mud wallowing--admit it, you did it--and a military boot camp. It turns an otherwise solitary sport, running, into a fun-filled mud fest. This race also takes place, and is wildly popular, in other states, such as Utah, Colorado, Oregon, New Mexico, and Washington, and is gaining national recognition. If you are considering moving to Idaho, Boise real estate is the your best opportunity to try it out.



As with any race, the Dirty Dash requires training. Running a race on flat ground is much different than running on an incline, climbing a net, and finishing it all off by slogging through a pit of thick mud. Training for the dash is offered through BOISE RunWalk, a program that trains for several of Boise's annual races. If you are not inclined toward wiping mud out of your eyes, there are plenty of normal races, including the City of Trees Marathon, Fit for Life Half Marathon 10K 5K, Barber to Boise 10K, and the St Luke's Women's Fitness Celebration 5K. The BOISE RunWalk program offers year round, bi-weekly training sessions for people of all ages and abilities. They integrate encouraging leadership both in groups and based on personal needs so that your training for the Dirty Dash is tailored to your specific abilities. Investment in Boise real estate is an excellent choice for your fitness needs, since programs like BOISE RunWalk are centered there and multiple races each year give you something to work toward. Boise is a fitness friendly city and can help you reach your goals.

Boise supports a wide variety of community activities, running being one of it's best. From a nice jog on the intra city Greenbelt to a mad scramble through the mud in Bogus Basin, you have ample opportunity to explore, or ignite, your passion for running. Consider Boise real estate in your search for a new home. There you can find your best link to lifetime fitness. Enjoy Boise's annual Dirty Dash, and find out what it is like to be a kid again.

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