Clutter Cramping Up Your Home?

Posted by Kevin Hughes on Monday, July 25th, 2011 at 2:25pm.

A Clean Clutter Free HomeIn the past few years, several popular television shows have documented the lives of those surrounded by household clutter. From interventions with individuals who "hoard" excessively, to home makeovers focused on saying goodbye to cramped living quarters forever, many Americans can relate to these reality T.V. stars. Regardless of whether you've got rooms full of little-used items or simply need to get a bit more organized- uncuttering your house doesn't have to be mission impossible. With these easy tips, you'll be getting rid of clutter in no time!

1. Sort Through Cupboards, Closets, and Storage Spaces
Many individuals find themselves surrounded by stuff because they simply have nowhere to put it. You'll likely want to start your quest to unclutter by examining your existing storage spaces. Determine what is filling these spaces presently, and attempt to weed out things you no longer use or don't need. If you're concerned that you're tossing useful items, consider donating to a local charity or homeless organization.

2. Everything Needs a Place
While shoving excess clutter into a closet might be a “temporary fix”, the only way to permanently solve your clutter issue is to find an acceptable place for all of the different items in your home. One solution is to reclaim closet space you've emptied while sorting through items you've thrown out. If you don't have enough storage options, consider visiting a local vendor to purchase additional containers. Home Owners in Boise have a wide variety of different sources where such materials can be purchased.

3. Tackle Big Chores Step-by-Step
If you're entire home is a mess, you'll want to begin uncluttering room by room. Rather than creating even more chaos, focus on the room that most needs organization. Once you've tackled this chore, you'll be ready to move on to the next.

In working through your clutter from room to room, you'll stay motivated and eager to improve your living space. Remember, uncluttering has more benefits that just making your house more livable! If you're considering selling your home, real estate agents will have an easier time showing the house to prospective clients if it's tidy and organized.

4. Toss Old Belongings as You Acquire New Ones
Many people who struggle with clutter have difficulty keeping their homes organized because they are constantly buying new things. If you are bringing new items into your home, get rid of an old item when you do so. This will allow you to keep your space organized and clutter-free!

While tackling a massive clutter issue can be a real challenge, properties that are better organized and cared for retain their market value and keep your investment safe! Remember, it's always easier to work through clutter if you don't let it establish itself in the first place!

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