Changing Your Lights Is A Bright Idea

Light Bulbs

We all need lighting in our homes. It is how we see and the way you use lights in your home is very influential in how your home feels. Poor lighting can make your home feel dim and scary like a dungeon; but, if used correctly, light can give new life to your home. Now, as you change up the lighting in your home, if you are tired of the traditional ceiling lights and table lamps, then you are in luck: here is a few ideas on how to creatively perk-up the lighting in your home and make it seem fresh and original.

Hat Lamp Shades
No matter what type of light bulbs you use, one creative way to use them is by using bowler and top hats as lampshades. These can be done as hanging lights or table lamps. By simply cutting a hole in the top of the hat you can place it just above the light-- on a hanging light-- and on top of the wire holder that is above the bulb of a table lamp.

At some retail stores they carry battery operated lights that are shaped like the Hulk's fists, Captain America's shield, Iron Man's mask and Thor's hammer. These lights mount to the wall making it look like the Marvel Avengers are crashing through your wall!

Pear Lamp Tree
Online there are some websites where you can buy freestanding lamps that look like trees. The fruit on these trees are special light bulbs. The Pear Lamp is sure to catch the eye of your guests.

If you prefer, there are also lamps that are shaped like a large version of the fruit. With a normal light bulb placed in the bottom, these soccer ball sized fruit really stand out. They come in different fruits like oranges, lemons and so forth.

Blue LampshadeDoily Paper Mache Lamp Shade
This is a fun lamp shade that doubles as a great afternoon project. What you'll need is, glue, water, balloons, a pie tin, newspapers, and a lot of doilies. What you do is, first, inflate a balloon to the desired size of your lampshade. Second, you will spread newspapers down to protect your table or floor. Now you will mix the glue and water until it looks like milk. Then you will start taking the doilies and dip them one at a time into the milky glue and then place it on the balloon. Once the balloon is completely covered, let it dry. After it's dried, hold the balloon by the end and pop it with a pin. Remove the balloon and carefully attach it over your light bulb.

Using old Lamp Shades
Another fun way to spruce up your lighting is to repurpose your lamp shades. To do this you can take the wire frame from an old lampshade and wrap it in a new fabric or paper. This will give your light a new color and feeling. Another idea is to, before you wrap the wire frame, to write or draw on the lamp shade. If you use a parchment looking fabric or paper, you can write your favorite poem, chapter or verse on it and then put it on the frame and then back on the lamp.

Cupcake Cups for Strings of Lights
This idea is great for the patio or play room. The way it works is pretty simple. You'll need a string of holiday light and a lot of cupcake cups. You can get some that are all the same or get several different designs to give it variety. Next you cut a small hole in the bottom of the cup and then push it over all the lights on the string. This gives you a fun creative string of lights that is very inexpensive.

(Note: this can also be done with small Dixie Cups.)

Painted Cans
Another great idea is to repurpose those cans that you throw away after making dinner. The first thing you do is clean up all the cans you plan to use. Once you've gotten all the paper and leftover food out of it, paint the cans different colors or with different designs to make them more playful. Now take a nail or something and poke holes into the cans to let light escape. Then, you can lower a tea light into the can and there you have a fun and inexpensive set of lights.

These are only a few ideas that can help make your home feel and look different. There are many more ideas online.

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