Carpet: From woven rugs to a permanent component of Modern-American Homes

Carpet is a part of most modern American homes. This luxury is taken for granted with the people who enjoy walking barefoot in their house onto soothing carpet. Carpet was not always what it is today. Originally, carpet in homes were simple woven rugs. However, as weaving progressed, woven rugs would be artwork as intricately designed patterns woven into fabric. These beautiful, colorful woven rugs would decorate homes. This tradition of decorating has not stopped, but it rather advanced from simple woven rugs to comforting, calming carpet. Though the art of weaving fabric is nowhere near as popular as it used to be, people still use carpet to add to the beauty, design, and style of their home.

You should define the design and style of carpet in your home when you decide to turn your house into your home. When it comes to carpet, you will need to specifically consider which type of carpet will last the longest, look the best, and fit the style of the room it’s in. It is imperative to learn what the different classifications of carpet are as well as their practical purposes.



The first style of carpet is the textured design. This style creates a casual environment because of the spontaneous twists of yarn which are reminiscent of traditional craftsmanship. The twisting of the yarn in alternating directions creates a multiple tone appearance. It also makes the carpet good at hiding vacuum marks and footprints- making it better suited for areas where there would be a lot of activity.


If you want to create an elegant, classy atmosphere, use the saxony style of carpet. This style of carpet has a smooth velvet fashion with a soft, luxurious feel. Saxony carpet is good for areas you want to keep looking beautiful or formal such as a master bedroom or a living room. Because of its delicate texture, do not use this carpet for areas with high traffic and activity.


If you have a place with a lot of activity than frieze is your carpet of choice. This carpet has high durability with a cut pile style. The twist level of this carpet is even higher than textured carpet so its durability is dependable. Like the textured style, frieze hides footprints and vacuum marks. Each strand in the carpet is twisted to the point where it curls under at the point. This creates a bumpy appearance.


Cable carpet is very beautiful. It’s made with thicker and longer yarn strands making the carpet super comfortable, making it perfect for a bedroom or the living room. However, the yarn strands are more delicate than most carpets so it can mat and crush easily. Because of this, be careful where you install this fabric. Do not use in busy areas in the house such as stairs and hallways.


The berber style is constructed with large pieces of bulky yarn that have a level loop or multi-level loop. The construction of each individual loop is very precise, as the loops are twisted downward and left uncut. This specific manufacturing makes each loop look individual and the overall design more dramatic, though still retaining itself as a very sturdy carpet. Another attribute that adds to the durability of the carpet would be the the blends of different carpet fibers including olefin fiber and nylon. Use berber carpet where you want more durable, long-lasting designs.

Cut and Loop

As described in its name, cut and loop styled carpet has a combination of both cut and looped yard to create a visible pattern with different textures. This popular style is frequently used in casual and traditional rooms with many available patterns. Generally, cut and loop styled carpets are multiple colors with several possible designs.

In addition to the type of fabric you choose, it’s also important to choose the right color and design. Every color can add a distinct personality to your home, so it’s important to choose the right one that appeals to your senses. The color of your carpet should compliment or offset the focus points of your room as a supporting piece, or be a dazzling key piece in its own right. The color and style of your rug should work cooperatively with the rest of your room to bring harmony to the space.

There are different ways to create a color scheme within a room.

The first way to choose a color scheme is by looking at complementary colors. Complementary colors are colors that are opposite to each other on the color wheel. These colors are red and green, orange and blue, and violet and yellow.

Another way to choose a color scheme is looking through Analogous colors, colors that are next to each other on the color-wheel. For example, blue and green are analogous colors. They have the same energy as each other and go well together.

However, there are also several reasons to choose one color over another from a practical standpoint. Darker color hide stains well and do not appear as dirty. Though, lighter colors of carpet open up a space and create a more pristine atmosphere, despite being harder to maintain.


After you choose the type and color of your carpet you finally need to look at different designs. Do you want a carpet with a solid color or one with swirls on it? Some people like the spectcaled look while others like the consistency of one color. Some people even have specific patterns like flowers on their carpet.

Carpets, often overlooked and taken for granted, are an important component of a modern- American home. There is nothing like walking into a room that is perfectly put together with the carpet and just enjoying the atmosphere of a cozy room. From woven rugs to permanent carpet, carpet will continue to add to the charm and comfort of a home.

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