California to Idaho Relocation- Top 5 Reasons People Make the Move

It seems that many California residents are making the move to Idaho lately. Whether it's finding homes in Boise, Meridian, Eagle, or Nampa, there are several great reasons to make the move to Idaho. Below are the top five reasons to relocate.

5. Jobs & Employment

Idaho boasts a diversified economy with strong growth areas such as retail, tourism, business and information services, healthcare, and high-tech industries. The top industries throughout this state are manufacturing and agriculture. There is something for every talent, and potential for even more. Boise, the state capital, and Nampa, the second largest community, have under 300,000 residents put together. A small-town atmosphere, combined with growth potential, make finding homes in Boise and Nampa ideal when relocating for jobs.

4. Taxes

California's state taxes are much higher compared to Idaho's. For example, California's sales tax is currently 7.5%, and in some areas, goes as high as 10% (depending on local optional taxes), whereas Idaho's sales tax is only 6%, (local option taxes can add 1%). Additionally, California's property taxes tend to be higher than Idaho's, as well as Gasoline, Diesel, and Cigarette taxes. Idaho also boasts lower taxes than 20 other states.

3. Crime Rates

The crime rate in Idaho is the lowest in the West. According to, Idaho is rated as the sixth least crime-ridden state, and has nearly forty percent less crime than the national average.

2. Activities and Cultural Events

Many Californians wonder if there will be as much to do in Idaho as there is in California. The answer is a resounding “yes.” For outdoor enthusiasts, Idaho offers mountains for hiking, climbing, and mountain biking. Idaho also has great spots for fishing, kayaking, and boating. Depending on the locale, Idaho also offers cultural events such as jazz festivals, blue grass festivals, theater, symphony orchestra, ballet, Shakespearean festivals, professional rodeos, an even county fairs. There is something for everyone in Idaho!

Eagle, ID Home1. Housing

Buying homes in Boise, Nampa, Eagle, and Meridian are simply cost-effective. A luxury home in Idaho typically starts for a lot less than much smaller homes in both Southern and Northern California. Idaho offers diverse homes, from cozy cottages to sprawling mansions and estates. Right now, median home values in Idaho are some of the lowest in the U.S. Boise real estate offers small-town, but urban living, while Meridian and Eagle offers the comforts of suburban life.

It seems that, no matter where Californians go in Idaho, they are welcomed with small-town charm and grace. It's a great time to relocate!

Kevin Hughes

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