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Buying Your First Home??? Know What to ask Your Agent.

House in Middleton
Nothing quite compares to the emotions during your first purchase of a home, it's exciting, suspenseful, nerve racking, and sometimes stressful. Hopefully your first experience is a great one, but just to make sure we are offering some key pointers to get you started on the right track.

For first-time home buyers looking into purchasing a home, here is a list of things to consider before signing on the dotted line. We want to make sure that you are getting into a home that fits your needs as closely as possible.

Standard Details

There are, of course, all of the basic details that a buyer wants in a home.  That includes the number of bedrooms and baths.  Does it have a fireplace; how large is the lot; is there a rec or a great room; is there a garage and such.  The buyers should write out a list of all of the features that they want in a home and present that list to the realtor who is helping them.


The buyers should also look into surrounding facilities that will make the house a true home.  Some want a neighborhood swimming pool or a close golf course.   Let the Realtor know about any of these items and where they fall on your priorities list.


Think about issues that could affect your safety.  

Some buyers like the idea of a large lawn, others think that mowing will become a major headache.  The same is true for landscaping and gardening.  A large lot will require maintenance – a blessing for some and a bane for others.

Space to Expand your Abode

For those that enjoy the idea of building things around the house, is there any potential for expanding?  Some look for an unfinished basement where they can install that perfect movie theater.  Others look on that possibility with much less enthusiasm.  This can expand to outdoor installations or even to add another room onto the home.

Total remodeling of a Fixer-upperFixer-uppers and Their Issues

Some homes already come with substantial required refurbishment – the proverbial fixer-upper.  To the extent that the new homeowners can do it themselves, it may be a way to save money and build equity in their home right from the start.  To others who will have to pay for the repairs, it becomes a cost-benefit decision.  Can they get a price that is reduced enough to be able to pay for the repairs and still have a cost that is competitive with a home in better condition.

Looking for a home or property?  Make a list of those items that are required, those that are nice to have and those that don’t make a difference, and let a Realtor help you find a perfect fit.


Kevin Hughes

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