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Buying Homes with Swimming Pools

When looking to renovate a home, many people opt for some or one of the following: finishing a basement, adding another bathroom or bedroom, or turning an attic into a bonus room. However, one of the most common aspirations people have in renovating their homes is adding a swimming pool to the backyard. It’s fun and exciting at first, as you think of all the get-togethers that can be had poolside and of memories being made beneath the hot summer sun as you cool within the pool. However, there is a price to be paid when a pool is added to your home (and not just the thousands of dollars spent adding this feature to your home)—the price paid can ripple like the waves you want to make in that glorious new pool. This comes when selling the home. This is because when people are looking to buy a home, a swimming pool can either be seen as an investment or a financial hole ready to be filled up (quite literally).

So, before buying a home with a swimming pool, think about it from the angle of the next buyer. Although you are just now looking to buy a home, you want to look at the resale value of the home as well to save you headaches in the future.

There are plenty of benefits to having a swimming pool in your new house, but there can be downsides too. Check out the following list of tips, pros, and cons in regards to buying a home with a swimming pool before making your decision:

Things to Think About:

*A lot of this decision depends on where you live in the US. Different areas have different demands for swimming pools. The following are some of the states with the most demand for swimming pools:.





If you live in the South with the sweltering humid heat in the summer months, then purchasing a home with an inground swimming pool would probably be best—not only for you, but also as an investment for future buyers if you want to sell your home one day (whether or not you are planning on that at the moment). Whereas, if you are living in an area with easy access to the ocean, lakes, or other bodies of water that are free and convenient, having a pool may be less desirable. It still depends, though, because states like Florida and California are next to bodies of water and they make up almost half of a number of swimming pools in the entire country. Do your research on the homes in your area and the demand for swimming pools if you are worried about how your house will resell with a swimming pool...

*Another thing to think about is how much you like to swim, and if you think it will be worth it to spend the extra cash to splurge on a home with a pool...


*You can swim in the comfort of your own private backyard...

*If you are living in a place that gets hot summers or tends to be warm all year long, it could be worth it to have and to sell later (having a pool could greatly add to the value of your home if you are in the right area)..

*It provides you with an affordable fitness option right outside the back door (you don’t have to get your gear on and head down to a gym—you can swim whenever you want when you have your own pool)..


*Swimming pools are high maintenance to keep up and require money to be poured into it in the process of keeping it up. Even if you do keep it up, problems still arise in pools, filters, drains, molding around and inside the pool, etc. all the time. Be aware that it won’t be free once you buy it..

*It could be tough to resell. People with small children either living or visiting their home tend to shy away from buying homes with inground swimming pools in fear of the child drowning.

This could turn off potential buyers in the future, and the effort and money it takes to keep up the pool may turn off other buyers..

*Your homeowners’ insurance could be affected by having a pool. Be sure to look into the best insurance options in your local area if you are thinking of owning a house with a pool..

There’s a lot to consider when buying a home, and buying a home with a pool is a tempting idea. With so much going for it, purchasing a house with an inground swimming pool could be a great idea, but it depends on a number of factors, as listed above. Before making that big decision, think it through and decide what is best for you and your own individual situation. .

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