Building a Beautiful Home in the Country for Less


After looking at all available rural properties for sale, are you still unsatisfied with what you have found? A great alternative to buying a home in the country is to build the home of your dreams on a piece of acreage in Middleton, Idaho.

Middleton Idaho Real Estate

Middleton has become an upscale and close-knit community in Canyon County, one of the fastest growing cities in the county. Middleton Idaho real estate is less expensive to purchase than it is in other cities. This is partially because property taxes are less in Canyon County, making Middleton a wise choice if you are seeking to build a custom home and looking to save money in the process.


interior_attic7_sm_300_01The size of the property for your new home will depend largely on your lifestyle choices. Do you own farm animals or horses? Do you want a large garden spot or space for a Recreational Vehicle? How about considering room to add onto your home in the future? Have you reflected on how much space you want between you and your nearest neighbor? Be sure to ask your Middleton Idaho real estate agent for a copy of the protective Covenants and Restrictions (CC&R's) for the country communities you are interested in so that your investment is protected and perfect for your needs.

The Building Process

Finding a reputable builder may not be as difficult as you think. Your real estate agent is connected with many home builders who have already purchased Middleton Idaho real estate and are waiting to build your custom home. Acreage communities frequently provide home builders with lots specifically for this purpose.

Your first step will be to decide who will be building your home. Again, ask your realtor to facilitate this process, as he has done this many times professionally. The builder you choose will determine your choice of Middleton communities for your new home.

house_double_story37_sm_300_01After choosing your lot, step 2 will be to meet with your builder and realtor to discover the floor plans that will be just right for you. The best thing about building a home from the ground up is that you can customize everything from light switches and outlets to custom cabinets and closet space. The possibilities are endless!

Once you know the specifics of the home you want to build, step 3 will be to meet with your real estate agent and make an offer on the package deal. In addition to writing up the contract and legal paperwork, your realtor will coordinate the entire process between you and your builder from beginning to end.

Enjoy Your New Home

Building your dream home is a relatively easy process when it is approached in the right order and with the right professionals. And one way to be sure you are saving money in the process is to seek professionals with connections to Middleton Idaho real estate so you can enjoy the best value for your investment.

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