Breaking Through the Gates, Finding Out More on Gated Communities!

Seclusion and SafetyMany people choose to live in gated communities because they are small, secure areas. These areas have a controlled access point that can only be entered with electronic codes. Video surveillance cameras and security guards also monitor the entrance. This feature reduces crime and keeps strangers from the area. As a result, the community is safe and quiet place to live.
The property tax on homes in gated communities is typically higher than taxes in non-gated areas. Local governments are able to use these funds to provide more support for citizens. The increased levels of satisfaction in gated community homeowners gives cause for longer residency in the same area and in turn, raises economic stability for the region.
People who have lifestyles that are similar tend to live in similar areas. Income levels, educational background and social values play a large role in the demographics of a neighborhood. People in gated communities tend to have similar lifestyles, making the community a more cohesive place to live.
Gated community residents are often dissatisfied with the services offered by the public sector and as a result, prefer to pay for the services they want from their own income. There are some gated communities that are managed as legal subdivisions. These groups manage trash removal, street cleaning, security and other services on their own. This enables the residents and the organizations to better manage their needs.
A major advantage to a gated community is the peace and quiet created by the fact that no through traffic is permitted. There is no excess noise nor pollution caused by unnecessary traffic. The minimal levels of traffic flow give residents the peace of mind of having a hassle free drive into and through their community.

Great Homes

Property values in gated communities are typically higher. There are few problems with security, crime and vandalism, making them safer areas to live. This type of living situation is ideal for all. This feature also makes gated communities preferred choices for home buyers and raises the values of the properties.

 Secured neighborhoods allow residents to walk safely, even after dark. 

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