Boise’s Classical Music


One thing that may surprise you about Boise is that it supports a strong classical music community. Not only does it have several instrumental and sheet music shops, it also carries several professional and amateur orchestras. Boise’s generous cradle fosters musical excellence for musicians and audience members alike. This remarkable quality ensures that Boise Idaho real estate is an attractive option for people interested in classical music performances and even participation in musical training.

Telford and Sons

Established in 1976 by Jim Telford, Telford and Sons is one of Boise’s most trusted violin shops. Although the production of new instruments from their shops has slowed considerably since the passing of Jim Telford, their experienced woodworkers still repair instruments and bows. In addition to this, they supply prospective musicians with rental instruments and private lessons. Their many rental instruments accommodate students of all ages and their instructors are equally capable of teaching beginning and advanced students. They also work with advanced and professional musicians to find new instruments; they order in instruments if you aren’t satisfied with their current selection. Boise Idaho real estate near this location is prime space if you are interested in fostering a new instrumental talent.

Dunkley Music


Another gem to know about while considering Boise Idaho real estate is Dunkley Music. They also have a wide selection, which includes high quality wind, brass, string, and keyboard instruments. This music center supports musicians throughout the valley by providing a generous selection of solo and ensemble music. If they do not have the music you are searching for, they will order in the piece you want and contact you when it arrives.  

Boise Philharmonic

One of the many orchestras in Boise, the Boise Philharmonic is treasured by the community. Frequent concerts featuring professional soloists, holiday celebrations, and local artists keep the valley alive. The Boise Philharmonic performs major repertoire, including Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Brahms, and many other Classical composers. They often combine with the Boise Master Chorale for majestic vocal and instrumental concerts. Tours of the city schools also bring fine arts into Boise’s education programs. Many of the professionals who perform with the Boise Philharmonic instruct and conduct in the local schools and are available for private lessons. Boise Idaho real estate buyers have access to this enriching cultural resource and benefit from its masterful concerts.

If you are interested classical music, whether by participating or listening, consider in Boise Idaho real estate. With several helpful and resourceful music shops and a thriving education program, Boise’s powerful classical music community provides the city and surrounding area with cultural refinement and enjoyment.

Kevin Hughes

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