Boise's Beloved Greenbelt

boiseriverbridge1_500There are many parks in Boise that provide accessible, fun recreation year round. Yet, none of these are loved quite like the Boise Greenbelt, a twenty-two mile park commissioned in 1964 that follows alongside the Boise River. This park connects Boise to it's neighboring cities, Garden City and Meridian ID to the south, and to Lucky Peak Reservoir to the North. Many luxurious riverfront homes in the Boise and Meridian ID areas border this beautiful park, and many more are within walking or biking distance of it. Since it spans the valley, it is available to nearly everyone.


In the 1960's the Boise River was in bad condition. Before regulation on disposal of waste materials, the Boise River served as a dumping ground for companies in the valley, particularly those nearest the waterfront. The wildlife, both along its banks and in its stream, was severely threatened and the river itself was not visually pleasing. In an effort to restore the river and to increase the appeal of Boise, ID, Meridian ID, and the surrounding areas, the city of Boise hired a consultant, who recommended the installation of a park along the river. By 1967, the dream was a reality largely supported by the public. Since then, the condition of the Boise River has improved dramatically and the Boise Greenbelt is a valleywide treasure.

What to Do on the Greenbeltboiseriverduck_300

The Greenbelt, a paved, marked, two-lane path, offers many recreational opportunities, including biking, walking, running, and nature watching. With multiple entry and exit points, access to the Greenbelt is a city-wide luxury. If you enjoy a long bike ride in the great outdoors, the Greenbelt can take you as far as Lucky Peak Lake, but if you prefer a shorter ride you can get your outdoor experience with just a mile or two of the beautiful route. If cycling is not your forte, you are welcome to walk or run. The miles are marked, so if you are an avid runner you can track your times.There are also many benches bordering the river that offer a spot to rest your feet and parks along the way to enjoy a picnic and games. You can relish in an environment rich in sights and sounds of a healthy river which is beautiful year round. You'll likely run onto a Blue Heron or one of its native mule deer, they can even swim.


Because it connects the cities of Boise, Garden City, and Meridian ID it is an excellent avenue for alternative transportation. Whether or not you are interested in the economic, environmental, or health benefits of biking, the Greenbelt is the epitome of biker friendly places. It will carry you to your relative destinations within a peaceful, safe environment devoid of the stress of daily vehicle traffic.

The Boise Greenbelt is a treasure to the Treasure Valley. Whether you enjoy wildlife, convenient transportation, or picnics in the park, the Greenbelt is a great asset that will meet your needs and always beacon you back for more. There are plentiful homes in Boise, Garden City, Meridian ID and the surrounding areas both along the waterfront and within a short walk or bike ride from the park are some of the finest real estate locations in Idaho. Homes with easy access to this beautiful park can be found through our innovative searches or with the help of one of our skilled agents.


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