Boise weather trends over the last 25 years

Boise, Idaho SkylineNestled in the majestic mountains of Idaho, Boise boasts beautiful weather most of the year.  With dramatically different seasons and beautiful flora, fauna, and activities for each season, you will enjoy gorgeous spring flowers, mild summers, lovely fall foliage colors, and white Christmases when you make your new home in Boise.

Winters can get cold in Boise, but it’s the perfect time to snuggle up in front of a roaring fire and enjoy the peaceful whiteness of the snow outside.  The average temperatures in December and January are right around 30 degrees Fahrenheit, with November and February slightly milder around 35 degrees.  Spring thaws out the ground and warms the area, with temperatures getting up to around 72 degrees in May.  Summer is fairly hot with the average temperatures in July and August getting up to 90 degrees.

You will see cloudy days about 18 days out of the month during the winter, with that number reducing to 13-15 days in the spring and fall, and then down to only 3-6 days in the summer.

Unlike more southern states or warmer climates, humidity is very low in the summer, at about 52-58% in the warmer months. Fall and winter months see an increase in humidity, from 66% around October and getting up to 78-79% in January and February.

Sunny Idaho DayThe Boise valley, and Idaho in general, stays green and beautiful because of precipitation, but it is not a miserable, dreary, constant rain like some of the other northwestern states.  You’ll get plenty of sunshine (avg: 230 days/year) with the clouds and have the opportunity to get out and see Boise and Idaho’s breathtaking natural sights all throughout the year.

If you’re looking for a mild, cooler climate with plenty of snow in winter and lots of opportunity for outdoor adventures in the summertime without the stifling heat or annoying insects, look into Boise real estate and make Boise your new home.

 Kevin Hughes

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