Boise State’s Real Estate Impact


Boise is a more well-known city now than it was ten years ago.  Ditching Idaho’s “potatoes are the only thing in the state” image for a reputation of better rapport with Boise State’s football team and outdoor recreation is positive for all Idaho residents and officials.  Boise State football adds so much to the capital city of Idaho. With its recent move to the Big East Conference, and more major college football exposure,  it is a good time to examine what Boise State has done for Boise.  All its impacts cannot be quantified, but some of the main benefits it brings to Boiseans will be mentioned.  This has direct consequences for the strength of the Boise real estatehousing and job market.  Anything that makes Boise a place to more people want to live in is good for the city’s real estate.

Outstanding Entertainment

Possibly the mostimportant benefit most Boise residents feel is that Bronco football provides a high form of entertainment.  Tickets to the games are reasonably priced.  They have risen a bit as they have become a national power, but they aren't far from their “affordable for the blue collar worker” mantra.  The Idaho Statesman and local T.V. channels are filled with Boise State football news and analysis.  Bronco T.V. games are free to watch as long as you have cable.  No one misses a Bronco game as Boise State football is fun to support.  It is something that binds the whole community together.  And they’re pretty good too!  They have been one of the nation’s best teams for the past five plus years and almost never lose at home.

Improved Strength of Local University


Before Boise State footballstarted winning, Boise State wasn't the biggest university in the state.  The University of Idaho was the most distinguished university with the best buildings and highest enrollment.  Boise State has begun a building frenzy as it becomes more financially sound.  Boise State was lagging a bit behind the city’s growth, but now it drives it.  There are numerous ways that having a fine institution for higher learning benefits the Boise community.  Having a home in Boise allows you to utilize what the university offers in some way: going to a football game, attending a Broadway play, or taking a class.  More Boise State graduates will stay in the community as city improves, and as the city betters itself, the university will be able to draw more out-of-state students creating a mutually beneficial relationship.

Economic Impact

Those Boise State graduateswho stay in the area will buy houses and increase the Boise real estate housing market.  Additionally, having a strong university with a great football team makes houses in Boise more sought after.  This increased value is felt by all Boise residents.  Boise State football games draw more than 30,000 people to the city benefiting local restaurants and businesses.  Boise’s real estate housing market is affected by Boise State as houses around the university are worth more as the area becomes more appealing.  Also, such a demand for student housing exists right around the campus that it causes prices to rise for smaller homes.

It is impossible to imagine Boise’s current real estate housing market without Boise State’s effect.  Boise would have grown regardless, but likely not at the same tremendous rate.  However, it’s also impossible to think that Boise State would draw so many good athletes and students if it wasn't for all that the city provides-- its unique personality and strong economy.  Boise State still has many buildings scheduled for construction, and with the team’s new conference affiliation, there’s no reason to believe it will lessen its upward climb.  We expect that to bring more students, workers, and activity in Boise’s real estate housing market.  Buy Boise real estate and you will not only be entertained, but you will be a part of a growing nationally recognized city.

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