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In America, a lot of people sell their homes move every year. Whether this is your first time, or 5th, it is good to get and stay familiar with what you can expect. And there are few expectations that home sellers need to be more acquainted with than the home selling time line. It is important for several reasons— for starters, if you don’t know what kind of timeline you are looking at when it comes to selling your home, then you may become frustrated with the whole process. A more tangible reason, however, is the need for solid preparation. While sometimes a move can catch us off guard, if you have enough time to prepare you really should be starting as soon as you can.

Below we have a rough estimate of what you can expect when it comes to



If you are building a home or waiting to buy one but don’t have the best credit score in the world, then you may find yourself needing to rent a home for a little while. If this is the situation you’ve found yourself in, then you have come to the right place, because Boise is one of the best places for comfortable homes and apartments to rent.

Today we will discuss some of the different situations that lead people to rent, the kinds of rentals they can find in Boise, and some tips and things to look out for while you are looking for your temporary abode.

In the long run, buying a home is cheaper than renting. This is because you will eventually own the house and won’t have to make payments on it anymore. Which is completely different from



Real estate investing has become a hot topic in the last few years and it can be the source of a bit of confusion. For the new investor, it would behoove them to learn about all the different ways they can invest in real estate before they start shopping around. Now, the following list of investment vehicles is in no way a comprehensive list, but it is a good place to start off. For more detailed information about real estate investing, talk to one of our real estate agents here at the Hughes Group. They would be happy to help you out in the search of the investment of your dreams. Though it is important to note that before you invest you should always talk to a financial consultant or advisor before investing, not just talk to a real estate



Here in Idaho, there are a lot of homes with acreage, even in the cities. It comes from Idaho’s long history of agriculture. You see, Idaho started out as one of those western states that consisted mainly of farmers who worked their own little patches of land and, as the years have gone on, though new homes are built on smaller lots, there are still a ton of homes that are built on multiple acre parcels of land. But what should you do with it? If you aren’t a farmer, then you might find this to be the question of the hour and today, we are going to give you a few suggestions.

Use your excess acreage for tenant farming

Tenant farming has been around for a long time. Essentially it is an arrangement between a landowner and a farmer for the



Let’s start this article off by saying this: it is very hard, if not impossible, to buy land for a substantially low price. However, a discounted price, now that is what we’re talking about. In this blog post we will give you a few strategies to find yourself land for a better price than you would anticipate. Not all of these strategies will work for you and none of them are without risk. So, be sure that you take time to thoroughly think through each purchase and consult with a financial professional before taking any steps with large ramifications.

REO land (bank or government owned land)

REO/ bank owned land are things like foreclosures and so forth. They are ones that the owner, typically a bank, and sometimes the government, needs to sell.



Most people don’t really have an opinion about Boise Idaho except for the idea that it is all potato farms and football fans. Today, we are going to show you that while spuds are important to the Boisean culture, there is much more than meets the eye in this strikingly comfortable and strikingly fertile real estate region. Today we are going to show you the top 8 reasons to live in Boise Idaho. If you would like more information beyond this article, check out our website, and or give one of our real estate agents a call— they will be glad to help you in any way they can.

8. The Awesome Real Estate Market

From the average cost per home and the abundance of great homes, Boise is a great place for real estate. Whether you are looking to buy a



There are a lot of dogs in Boise. Many people in the Boise area have a dog, or dogs, in their houses or in their yards and many of them want to do right by them. They want to provide their canine friends with the best they can offer, and who wouldn’t! But how can you make your backyard fun for both you and your dog. There are many things that we as humans enjoy, and many things that dogs enjoy, but can they exist in the same backyard without losing the backyard’s look and aesthetics? Well, we are here to proudly tell you that yes, you can have a backyard that is comfortable for you and fun for your pup without sacrificing your beautiful landscaping.

Idea Number 1: Give your dog cover from the elements

Dogs like to sleep in small shelters.



Urban homes, whether they are condos or small cottage homes off of the main byways of downtown Boise, are options that many relocating to the Boise don’t always consider. Boise is usually known for its sweeping countryside and robust suburban areas, but not usually for the urban homes and urban living arrangements that it has to offer.

Some of the urban homes and living quarters that are available in downtown Boise are the beautiful Victorian and Colonial homes in the Historic district, condos and lofts that offer maximum urban efficiency, and also a number of classic cottage style homes dotted here and there. There is even the Boise North End that is a cross between urban streets and suburban communities that offer numerous homes of different



Head off to school this fall? It's time to start thinking about housing. As anyone would know students have a lot of details to sort through. From registering to classes to sorting out housing arrangements for the coming semester, many different options are available to today's modern student. Regardless of whether it's a decision made out of necessity or desire, more and more students and their parents are choosing to invest in student housing located close to their campus. While it can be tempting to simply snatch up the first property you check out, you'll likely want to keep these two tips in mind, in order to protect your investment.
Location is Key
Proximity to campus is one of the most valuable characteristics of a potential student…


Basements are a common occurrence in Idaho homes. Many people might not be used to the idea of having a basement if they have come from other states with harder soil. Idaho’s softer soil makes it easy to build down instead of up and it can be quite a benefit to homeowners when it comes to space, electricity conservation, and so forth. But, should you buy a home that comes with a basement or should you opt for something else? To answer that question, let’s review all the benefits and advantages to having a basement, as well as some disadvantages, and then some of the things you can do with a basement.


Extra Space

This one is pretty obvious. With a basement beneath your main level you can easily double, if not triple your home’s