Boise Real Estate- 5 Red Flag Property Deficiencies you can find in 3 Minutes!

When you are out looking for that perfect Idaho home, what are you actually looking at?  Do you focus on the cute adorable pictures on the wall... or the random locations of the throw rugs throughout the house (possibly covering floor damage)?  Within a few short minutes of viewing a home in Idaho, you can determine whether there are some red flags you need to be concerned about in regard to the condition of the home.  These are so simple!  However, even though these may be obvious, it is still very important that you have a professional home inspection during the escrow period and make sure that you retain the right to cancel the contract based on your approval/disapproval of the inspection report. 

5 Red Flags of Property Deficiencies you can find in 3 Minutes:

1. Damaged older roof, shingles missing, or multiple layers.  As you approach the home in the car, glance up (from a distance so you can see the roof), and check to see the condition of the roof.  Are there missing shingles?  Are the shingles curling or discolored?  Does it appear there are layers on top of layers of shingles?  If there are, they may be issues with the roof.

2. Peeling paint or exposed siding or paint chipping around the windows.  Peeling or missing paint on the exterior siding or any paint chipping around windows can be a concern.  Paint protects the wood against water damage.  Further investigation may be required. 

3. Cracks in the foundation.  As you approach the front door or as you walk around the house, do you see larger cracks in the in the foundation?  Cracks that are greater than 1/8” and large horizontal cracks can be a concern.  This could mean uneven settling and structural issues.  Hairline cracks on the other hand, are very common.  The home inspector can address any concerns about cracks during the inspection. 

4. Water in the crawl space.  Water leaks and damage is probably the number one cause of many repair issues in a Boise Idaho home.  One quick way to determine if there are water issues is to open up the crawl space and peak inside.  Does it smell damp or musty?  Do you hear the sound of flowing/dripping water?  These could be sign of a number of potential problems.

5. Uneven, sloping floors or warped floorboards.  As you walk across the room, did it feel uneven?  This could mean water damage or structural issues that need to be investigated. 

As you can see from the list, you do not have to be a building engineer to notice these items in the first minutes upon viewing Idaho properties.  They do not necessarily have to kill the deal, but you will want additional investigation or inspections to determine the severity of the damage.  Always have a home inspection and make it a contingency of the sale!  You can request that any items are repaired by the seller prior to closing or have the seller provide a credit to you to have them completed after closing.  The important thing is you know what you are getting into BEFORE you move in to your new Idaho home!

Kevin Hughes

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