Boise Real Estate- 3 Things you can do right now to sell your home faster and for more money.

Posted by Kevin Hughes on Tuesday, April 19th, 2011 at 6:22pm.

boise-home-10_400If you are trying to sell your Boise home right now then you know how tough it is.  Price, condition and location are all important factors in how quickly a home sells but there things you can do RIGHT NOW that will help sell your home quicker and for money.  The last thing you want to do as you are trying to sell your home is to dump a bunch of money into that you will not reap the benefits from enjoying the upgrades or recoup them from the sale. Before you get started, if you want to size up the competition in your neighborhood, you can now search all Idaho real estate for sale by neighborhood, zip or even use polygon mapping to zero in on specific blocks of your area.  

  1. Clean and De-clutter.  The payoff of a clean and spiffy home cannot be emphasized enough and only costs you a bunch of elbow grease.  Just by cleaning windows, carpets, walls, can pay off big.  We are not talking a light dusting but really deep clean.  De-cluttering is just as important.  Get rid of all the junk on the counters, the dozens of family portraits, clean out the closets, pack up most of your stuff (you have to eventually anyway) and make the house feel bigger and more spacious.  The key is you want the buyer to see there selves living there.  They cannot do that is if all they see is your junk everywhere.  By cleaning closets and the garage, it will make the home feel like there is ample storage space as opposed to every nook and cranny is overflowing.
  2. Focus on the Buyers First Impression.  Curb appeal is huge.  Make sure the walkway is cleared, the exterior is cleaned, there is not any damage to the front of the home, the yard is clear of debris, and the lawn is freshly mowed, the front door is in good condition and perhaps even flowers in the flowerbeds.  Repair any damaged or broken fixtures.  You can see what the buyers are seeing by approaching your home, take an unbiased look, and see how you can improve what the buyer sees.
  3. Maximize your Showings.  Turn on all the lights, make sure there are no burned out bulbs, open the drapes, make the home look as bright, and open as possible.  Try to make it smell appealing as well.  Get rid of any pet odors or musty smells.  Do not just try to cover up the smells.  A fresh clean smell can go a long way.  Light use of potpourri or candles can be just the trick; you just do not want it to be over powering because then they will think you are covering up something.  Make sure the temperature is set at a comfortable setting.  If the home is freezing then they will want to get out as quickly as possible.  You can even set the mood for the showing by playing soft music in the background. 

By doing a few very simple things, you can make sure all your showings count in the current Boise real estate market.  There are a lot of Boise homes for sale and the competition is tough.  These 3 tips can help you get your home sold quicker and for more money.

Kevin Hughes

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