Boise New Construction or Resale Home? How do you choose?


When it comes to preparing for your next–or first!–home, there are several factors to consider.  What are your needs?  What is in my budget?  How much time and energy do I want to spend on this venture?

Now that you’re investigating the rich world of Boise real estate, these questions will help you make an even bigger decision you have to make:  do you want to settle into a new home, or are you more interested in purchasing a resale home?  This is the first question you’ll need to decide upon before going any further in your search for the next perfect place for you.

Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages to both options.  It’s a given that your new Boise home will give you the chance to make a refreshing new start, but do you really want to start from scratch, or would you rather work with a home that already has most major appliances and decor features already in place?

Purchasing a new construction home gives you the freedom to plan and decorate your home exactly the way you want.  You’ll be able to decide on floor plans, colors, construction, and all the little details that you will need to fill your home’s blank canvas.  Also, newly built homes generally have modern amenities and technologies already in place. 

Boise Skyline and PoolThere are some things to consider if you decide to purchase a newly built home; you will need to leave room in your budget for ongoing construction, to help your home fit just right.  You will probably have to buy appliances, as well as build/install decks and pools if you want them (they are often not factored into the price your house).  In addition, you’ll need to think about your outdoor spaces when drawing up your budget, as most homes do not already have landscape design.

On the other hand, if you decide on a resale home, you’ll have less work to do up front; although this also means you will have less choice in how the home looks and feels.  Even so, there are multiple pros to buying a resale Boise home.  For starters, most resale homes already have an established neighborhood, which you can research before you decide to buy.  They often come with many features built-in, i.e. landscaping, curtains, appliances, outdoor lighting, and finished fences.  When you purchase a resale home, instead of starting from scratch, you may need some minor remodeling to make it a better fit for you and at the same time, you might even increase its resale value.

Another things to consider though is that resale homes can be very outdated, so factor in the costs of updating and replacing appliances and fixtures. You’ll need to carefully check wiring and plumbing and possibly fix or replace those as well.  Older resale homes may often have an outdated floor plan and smaller rooms, and fixing that may take a lot more work.

All in all, deciding whether to purchase a newly built or resale home among the homes for sale in Boise, Idaho will ultimately be a personal decision that you will make. Both can help you find or create your dream home! Just remember, there are many, many options for you whichever you choose!

Kevin Hughes

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