Boise is Still Small and Crime Free


Those trying to find a perfect place to live find themselves in a bit of a quandary. They want to have top-notch shopping, entertainment, and more which are located in more urban areas, but they don't want the crime and large city size that are part of living in developed areas. Boise property is the answer. Boise offers just about anything that you would want, but has that tight-knit, small town feel that is so comfortable to live in. We'll tell you why Boise is small, big, and a great place to live--it will answer why Boise property is so desirable.


Nothing is more aggravating than spending much of your day sitting in traffic. Boise is home to relatively stress-free driving, not the crazy type of driving that you see in L.A. or farm towns--it's just right. According to the city, the average commute time in the Boise Metro Area is 20 minutes, which is so far above all over capital cities in the West or elsewhere. Not only does the amount traffic save you hours every day, it opens the whole city up to its residents. It makes the city feel small when you can go across town in just a few minutes to catch a movie or walk by the river, whereas in other cities you have to stay very close by because of traffic issues. This makes you more free to find a perfect piece of Boise property in whatever location, because you aren't as tied to an exact neighborhood as you might be in another place.

Crime Rate


Another reason that Boise is small is that it doesn't have the crime that big places have. Boise's crime rate is the lowest in the West and 21.3% lower than the national average, according to the F.B.I. That is astounding for a city of its size. This blesses Boise residents in a variety of meaningful ways, from feeling safe in your Boise property to living in a desirable community where business and real estate thrives. One of the greatest deterrents of crime is having relationships with everyone around you so if anything is amiss they will step in. This is where Boise excels, its connected, social neighborhoods make sure that nothing is going on. Wouldn't you want to live where your neighbors are like that?


Don't we base how a city feels by how the people that live there are? Westerners appreciate good, friendly people and Boise is among the best at having a cheery personality. This is a city where strangers still chat at the store and people wave as you drive by. You'll likely bump into local celebrities, who aren't afraid to chat with anyone. Boise is a fun place to live because Boise residents have a universal love for their city and life and aren't afraid to open up to those who feel the same way. It's a joyful feeling as the city with little problems and lots of trees happily goes on its way, much like the river that meanders through it. Boise isn't perfect, but it's close--search all Boise property on the market by clicking here.

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