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Horseback Riding Destinations

From north to south, Idaho is teeming with outdoor recreational opportunities and stunning scenic views. As the weather gets warmer, finding things to do outdoors becomes endless. Idaho's incredible topography, towering mountain ranges, and blue skies are ideal for spending hours exploring the vast wilderness. Take the road less traveled and consider horseback riding the backcountry to take in some of the most breathtaking scenery in the state!

Saddle up for an adventure and spend an afternoon trotting through Idaho's far-reaching wilderness or embark on a scenic sunset dinner ride with expert guides leading the way. For those seeking an extended getaway, consider a vacation at one of the many local guest ranches in…

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Spanning 2,170+/- miles long, the Oregon Trail extended from Oregon's rugged coast, through the Rocky Mountains, to the flat Prairies of Missouri. Still to this day, the Oregon Trail stands as a historic landmark and a prominent point of mass migration across North America. The trail also paved the way for major highways, including US‑20, which cuts across southern Idaho's arid, volcanic terrain contrasted by whitewater rivers and isolated mountain ranges. The landscape has continued transforming into beautiful lush fields and vineyards that thrive in the otherwise barren, gray-green sagebrush plains. Little else has changed since pioneers faced insurmountable challenges crossing the country along the Oregon Trail.

For the better half of ten…

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Idaho is full of miles of uncultivated land and incredible scenic routes that make their way throughout the beautiful backcountry of the state. An adventure's paradise, Idaho is home to at least 34+/- marked scenic byways that tour the natural landscapes and lead to popular destinations. Discover rugged mountains, millions of acres of wilderness, towering peaks, and crystal blue alpine lakes and rivers to explore at your own pace. Whether you enjoy an immersive wilderness experience or capturing Idaho's unspoiled beauty from afar, the scenery is sure to exceed expectations!

Northern Idaho

Idaho's natural beauty and unique geological features set it apart from any other state. To the north, you can find an incredible selection of alpine summits…

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The list of reasons people move to Boise is seemingly endless, though, there are a few common themes that seem to make the mark for the top ten reasons people move to this wonderfully scenic location. What makes Boise, Idaho one of the top mid-sized cities to live in? Boise is one of the last great western cities left and is set by the beautiful foothills of the Rocky Mountains, drowning in a sea of luscious trees. Boise is filled with character and history, and being one of the only secluded metropolitans in the country, it's developed its own unique culture and vibrancy you won't find anywhere else. With one of the most livable urban city cultures set upon a rural backdrop that provides countless recreational opportunities for everyone, Boise is…

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If one of the first things you think of when you think of Idaho is its incredible natural wildlife, you’d be spot on.  When you settle in Idaho and make it your home, you’ll be sharing your home with hundreds of species of mammals, plants, and birds native to Idaho and famous throughout the North and Midwest.  Idaho is a haven for a huge range of unique wildlife you’ve only seen in movies or in pictures, with many reserves to visit and observe the amazing animals. The diverse landscape provides many opportunities to view animals and birds in their natural habitat, as well.

Go on a wild adventure at Bear Lake National Wildlife Refuge.  This waterfowl refuge is located at the marshy north shore of scenic Bear Lake in Montpelier, Idaho.  It represents an…

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Boise RiverYou’ve done your research, you’ve explored Idaho Real Estate options, and you’ve decided to move to your new home in Boise.  It’s a great choice—a beautiful, historic city where you will be welcomed with open arms.  You can’t wait to move.  You’re excited about the majesty of the views and the welcoming nature of the city.  It’s going to be a great new chapter in the lives of you.

But you might be wondering…what's the weather like in Boise?

All weather reports – and city dwellers – claim and experience very mild weather in Boise.  There are four distinct seasons, which are marked by the changing of leaves and the growing and flourishing of flora and fauna.  Boise is truly a beautiful city, and is not subject to the constant rain or coldness in the…

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“Vacation” is one of the greatest words in the English dictionary. Who doesn’t like the sound of “vacation” and all that it entails? From sunsets at the beach to adventures in just about anywhere in the world—nature or in shopping malls—“vacation” can mean a wide range of things. A vacation is different for each person setting out on one, and each country, and in each state in the U.S., vacationing can be a different experience for everyone. Vacationing in Idaho is no different. It can hold whatever the adventurer wants to experience, as long as it fits within what Idaho is capable of, of course (there isn’t any surfing going on here, for instance, but a lot of adventures in water can be found in the Gem State.

Idaho is famous for its scenic views,…

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Humans are not alone on this world. We are surrounded by a vast and diverse biosphere of more animals, insects, and plants than you can imagine or comprehend. A lot of the country has sort of forgotten this as people have moved into cities and away from the wilder parts of the United States, but most of us still have a strong connection to the animal life that we used to be so intertwined with. There are animal lovers all over the planet and I would contend that one of the best places for an animal lover to live is in Idaho. There are so many opportunities in the state for them to interact with and discover a bunch of different and beautiful kinds of wildlife. If you are skeptical and want to know more, I would recommend visiting Idaho and exploring…

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You will find so many different awesome things to do in Boise and the surrounding Treasure Valley area. One of the best things about Boise is that it has all the qualities that you would want from a big city while still having a country vibe since all around the city is a wilderness filled with beautiful nature. This more rural area provides the Treasure Valley with the delicious fresh crops that Idaho is so well-known for. As such, all throughout the Treasure Valley are some truly fantastic farmer’s markets where you can go buy some fruits and vegetables for yourself. Trying out some of these wonderful foods is absolutely one of the greatest ways to experience the Gem State, and farmer’s markets make sure to provide the best and freshest of what…

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The third largest city in the state of Idaho is Meridian. Meridian is quickly creating its name as a social and cultural center within the state. Even though not everyone knows Meridian for its culinary hotspot, it does have quite a few unique local restaurants.

Thai Basil

Thai Basil has become the place to be when it comes to restaurants in Meridian. It has a very fun, colorful decor and the menu is filled with various authentic Thai dishes. The place takes pride in utilizing traditional cooking techniques like searing wok over an open flame, fresh aromatic herbs and spices that builds an exciting flavor combination and savoring new dish. In addition to the typical Thai meals like the Thai green curry and pineapple fried rice or the Thai Basil…

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