Boise, Idaho – The Secret Capital of Culture

There's no doubt about it – Boise, Idaho is one of the most culturally underrated cities in the country. People and travelers alike come to Idaho's state capital not to watch the ballet, but for its strategic location in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, making it ideal for outdoor recreation. What they don't know, is that you can get in all the adventure seeking the ballet.

It's true that Boise is the landing spot for all things outdoor related, including mountain biking, camping, boating and fly fishing. Boise does what the rest of the state does so well – catering to the outdoor enthusiast and tourist who aches for a dramatic parting from the tedious mundane of everyday life. Boise is often the launching point for those who are looking for a chance to hit the white water waves in the Salmon River or throw a line in the blue ribbon waters though Idaho's beautiful streams and lakes. The outdoor bounty around Boise is a given, and while it may be one of the top draws for those who travel or move here, it's lesser known cultural counterpart is rapidly making its way to center stage. What's more, with Boise's unique location, nature is easily blended with art.

Perhaps it is Boise's geographically isolated location that give people the wrong impression. Boise is a substantial distance from any other large metropolitan area (at least by car), with Portland Oregon and Salt Lake City over 300 miles away. Boise might've succumbed to this isolation in a negative way, struggling to maintain its own – but the effect of existing in an isolated high desert has done nothing but help launch the city's efforts tenfold. The art and culture scene here thrives within the private cocoon of the surrounding forests and mountains, it's thrived so much that finally the city is beginning to snag the attention of the rest of the country.

For those who know and love Boise, Idaho, going to a performance is a regular part of life. Boise is a mid sized metropolitan, not nearly as large as other population centers across the country, but big name talents and performers put on shows here as often as there are weekends. Celebrities often make a stop in Boise as they tour the Northwest, lighting up venues like the stage at the Morrison Center for the Performing Arts -- with everything from laughter to hushed and awe inspired crowds. Comedians, symphonies, ballets, orchestras, dance and even family readings all happen regularly. Some of the upcoming shows this season include the Avett Brothers, the Broadway production Memphis, Brian Regan, Mythbusters, Celtic Thunder, Mannheim Steamroller Christmas and much, much more.

downtownboise-1_350Of course, the Morrison Center and the excitement it brings to Boise is but a fraction of the arts and culture throughout the city. The efforts launched over the last decade to make Boise “the most livable” city in the nation have included much attention and detail to Boise's art scene as well as revitalizing neighborhoods and sustainability. Having a strong arts and culture scene is a big part of making Boise sustainable by stimulating the local economy. Boise's very own opera company, philharmonic orchestra and ballet culminate into making the city a sensational cultural hotspot. There's no need to leave the city's borders to catch a breathtaking performance or enjoy a memorable night out.

Via Magazine said it best when they referred to Boise's unique people and character as “typical of Boise's innovative yet neighborly spirit: Fill a need creatively while building community along the way.” They were quite impressed with Boise's stylish Egyptian Theater. One of downtown's treasures, this homage to the boy-king Tut was built during the '20s and extravagantly restored in 1999. It hosts a significant number of Boise's best cultural performances by Opera Idaho, who is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. To fully experience a cultured night out in downtown Boise, don't miss the gilded and highly decorated Egyptian Theater for not only something magnificent from Opera Idaho, but many other wonderful live concerts.

Intrigued yet? This is but a glimpse into the thriving cultural community in Boise – the living history provided by the largest population of Basque people provides an entirely new and exciting element to the city that also heavily influences Boise's amazing restaurant scene. There's a local food movement going on in Boise that plays as big a part in the city's identity as its arts. There's enough here for a lifetime of enjoyment – whether it's stomping through the nearby hills or dressing up for a night out on the town. Boise, Idaho has it all.

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