Boise Condos Are A Great Option

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Boise is a trendy, advancing city with some of the Northwest’s most popular entertainment, commercial, and retail opportunities.  The downtown area is the hub for most of the action.  Boise condo living, downtown or a little farther away, is an attractive way to take advantage of these benefits.  Boise condos are found throughout the city: sleek downtown units and comfortable ones surrounded by neighborhoods. . Very popular with young professionals, there is no reason the vast benefits of Boise Condos can’t be taken advantage of by anyone.

1. No Maintenance

One of the best reasons to live in a Boise condo is that exterior maintenance of condos is taken care of by property managers, which allows the cost of maintenance to be dispersed by all residents, rather than just one family.  Without working, the outside of your home is kept nearly flawless, adding to your home’s value and your peace of mind.  If you want to enjoy your home without the work maintaining it, then condos are for you.

2. Club and Community Amenities

Another benefit that a Boise condo affords is access to a personal gym, pool, jacuzzi, barbecue, volleyball court, and more.  Typical homebuyers have no way to afford all of these different quality of life boosters.  Additionally, condos are almost always built right next to everything you would need-- shopping, grocery stores, entertainment, etc-- especially downtown condos.  Complete accessibility, very hard to find in a single-family residence, is the just the norm for a condo.

3. Security


Boise condos are very safe.  Their guarded parking spaces definately beat outdoor parking spaces at an apartment, allowing you to feel safe at home and have confidence to leave your belongings for an extended period of time if necessary.  Their community style gives you neighbors that can be a benefit in safety and a variety of other ways.

4. Appreciation

Owing Boise condo lets the owners feel the pride of homeownership.  They also receive the financial benefits of building equity with each payment they make towards their mortgage. Real estate almost always appreciates over time, especially when the property is well taken care of, like condos are.  You should be careful to only consider buying a Boise condo with property managers that make sure codes are followed and the inside and outside of the units stay updated so that it will appreciate well.  You should receive valuable recommendations from your Hughes Group realtor.

5. Tax Benefits

Another valuable financial benefit of being a Boise Condo owner is that you, like regular homeowners, receive the huge tax benefits of being able to write off mortgage interest payments and real estate taxes.  This can save thousands of dollars yearly and is one of the best reasons to own rather than rent.  It can easily be the difference between being able to afford a condo or having to stay in an apartment.

6. Investment Possibility

Buying condos is good idea in today’s strong market.  You could live in a condo for a while and rent rather than sell it, or you could just simply buy it as an investment property.  It is a smart investment, because condo codes and regulations ensure upkeep and give you confidence that the place won’t be trashed by your renters.

Everyone enjoys condos for different reasons.  You’re in luck, because Boise condos are so varied in location and price that there is surely one for everyone.  This is by no means an exhaustive list of condo features.  Look at a Boise condo today and find out for yourself why condos are one of the hottest buys in the real estate market!

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