Big Businesses Based in Idaho

One of the defining features of any state is the corporate landscape within it. What companies call the state home and how much of an effect do they have on the way the state runs and the economy of the state. Idaho is not exactly what people think of when it comes to pointing out the homes of big businesses (That honor definitely goes to New York or California which are well known for their large corporations) but there are definitely a few large companies based in Idaho, both well-known and not so well-known. It can definitely be interesting to learn the different corporations that affect the political (And possibly the physical landscape as well) of your state, so I am going to tell you about a few of the companies that are based in Idaho and what they do. It might just be an interesting experiment, but this information might be relevant to you as well. You can learn who might have the Idaho government’s ear or maybe even come up with a new place to look for a job. Either way, what follows is a not at all comprehensive list of some of the really big businesses that call Idaho home.

We are going to start with a business that pretty much everyone knows and which most people (Specifically Idahoans) have patronized at some point. First on the list of businesses based in Idaho is Albertsons. The first Albertsons was born in Boise Idaho in 1939 thanks to the genius of Joe Albertson (Okay, genius might be stretching it, but he definitely built something of an empire). The first Albertsons made quite a few innovations when it came to the grocery stores of the time, but today it is pretty much your standard grocery store and will get the job done. Of course, when it comes to size, few grocery store chains are as large as Albertsons. In 2017 there were more than 2000 Albertsons locations dotted across the United States, and who knows how many have opened since then. They are quite literally everywhere, and only Walmart might be more ubiquitous. If you think about the logistics and effort it takes to run so many stores across such a large area, it is amazing that any of them are functioning at all. And it all started in Idaho. Almost like some kind of virus, if you are in a dark mood.

If flight is something you fancy, this next company well definitely catch your interest. While is not a monolithically sized corporation like Albertsons, Empire Airlines is still a sizeable company that is based in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Empire Airline has gone through a number of different umbrella organizations since it came into being in the late 70s, but it has always been in Idaho and still sending planes across the skies of the United States every day. It is no Delta or American Airlines, but it still has a sizeable fleet of planes that perform a variety of different functions. Mostly, Empire Airlines is involved in moving passengers and cargo. The company runs packages for other corporations like FedEx and averages just over a hundred flights a day. Now, if you decide to fly with Empire Airlines, you are not going to be in one of the typical large planes that most airlines you are familiar with fly. Empire Airlines uses the ATR 42 series which are somewhat smaller than your regular 747 and actually use propellers, though they are far more advanced than the propeller planes of the past. You probably will not get a chance to fly in one, but they also use a whole bunch of very small Cessna 208B Super Cargomasters for some of their less intensive cargo hauling needs.

One of the things Idaho is well known for is agriculture. They produce a large part of the dairy that the United States consumes, and everyone knows about Idaho potatoes. One of the things Idaho is certainly not known for is its thriving technology companies, and that is honestly somewhat of a shame because one of the largest companies based in Idaho is a tech company that goes by the name Micron Technology. Micron is a semiconductor producing company that has been one of the top dogs in the industry for quite a while now. Like Albertsons, it is also based in Boise. Semiconductors go into pretty much every piece of technology that is used today, and Micron is somewhat leading the field in their creation. However, this is not all Micron does. Their entire business culture is focused around the creation of new memory technologies that push how much storage a device can have and use, and this is incredibly important in the technology market, and not only because it means you have more space on your hard drive. The more memory a piece of technology has to work with, the more it is capable of doing. Micron is a massive Idaho tech company.

Of course, not all of the businesses based in Idaho have a large impact on the world outside of Idaho. Some of the largest Idaho companies are hospitals, power plants, newspapers, and a hundred other services and product lines that are really only used within Idaho’s borders. Every state has a network of business that works solely within the state to create a civilized infrastructure for the people that live and work in the state. This is, of course, without mentioning the hundreds and thousands of farms across the Idaho landscape that send food across the state and out to the rest of the world. Some of the really interesting companies that are based in Idaho are the ones that have expanded out to other parts of the world, but it would be a mistake to forget the thousands of other businesses in Idaho that never go across the border.

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