Best Places in the Valley to Catch Fish

For people who have lived in the Boise area much of their lives, fishing is not an unusual topic of conversation. Even those who do not go fishing very often have likely heard old fishing tales of the one that got away, or stories of the fish that somehow gets larger with every time the anecdote is told. Many public physical education classes offer a course to youngster teaching them the proper way to cast for fly fishing, and there are numerous sporting goods stores that sell equipment-including a few locally owned businesses dedicated specifically to selling fishing equipment and teaching those interested how to fish. Needless to say, anglers who are looking to find a good spot to sink a line have a great many places to choose from in the Boise area, and many of them are open year round. Not to mention, many allow fishing for free, and a fair amount of them are stocked by Idaho’s Department of Fish and Game.

Located in Nampa and lauded as one of the most popular fishing locations in the area, Wilson Springs is an impressive place to catch rainbow trout and is a prime spot for those who love seeing unique birds while they cast. Birdwatchers can look for many different species throughout the seasons with each season bringing its own gorgeous array of feathered beasts. Wilson Springs is being dredged to create more depth in addition to creating a better habitat for the water life in the ponds. Currently, there are four fishing ponds in the area, though only three will be dredged.What’s the best part? Where fish have more room, they can grow larger and more can live in the space! The Department of Fish and Game hopes to be able to transplant larger fish once the project is done.

Eagle Island Park is a great place to try a hand at angling. Located in off of State Street and Linder Road, this park does require that guests pay $5 per car per day for parking. It’s a great place to catch a few Rainbow Trout, Bluegill, and Largemouth Bass. For those looking to make a day of it, or who have friend that may not want to fish but do want to join in the fun of an outdoor excursion, this park has a lot of pleasant activities to enjoy in addition to fishing such as swimming, hiking, picnicking, and more. There is also a waterslide that opens in May. Many parks with playgrounds throughout the Greater Boise area are stocked with fish. Settler’s Park, which is known for being a hub of entertainment by hosting various events during the summer, has a small fishing pond located in the northeastern corner. Similarly to Eagle Island Park, this pond is filled with game fish such as Rainbow Trout, Largemouth Bass, and Bluegill. This pond is located in a relatively central location in Meridian, so it can be a fun trip that doesn’t require a ton of planning to head out to. Because it’s a central location, it may be best to look at the stocking schedule and plan to cast a line shortly after in order to have a better chance to reel in a fish. This pond, and other ponds located in parks such as Settler’s, are typically nice places to teach new anglers how to fish since they are smaller and have less difficult environments.

The Boise River stretches far and wide throughout the area and it is well known for its many great fishing spots. This fishing spot is better for people who have been fishing for a while due to the fact that it requires a bit more skill finding a spot and making sure the conditions are safe. One of the places that are great to cast a line is Lucky Peak Reservoir. It can be a good place to catch Kokanee Salmon, Steelhead, Chinook Salmon, and Rainbow Trout. There are often many other varieties of fish that can be caught at Lucky Peak which makes it one of the most well-stocked areas that have been mentioned so far. Because it connects to the Boise River, the species of fish are constantly rotating regarding which is most readily available to catch. If an angler is looking to catch one or two specific varieties of fish, it may be best to read up and research the type of fish before heading out to ensure that they have the best bait, line, and timing to make a catch.

It is important to check with the Idaho Department of Fish and Game to ensure that the proper licenses and permits are obtained before heading out to cast. Fishing can be one of the most relaxing and equally thrilling experiences. Idaho has so many outstanding fishing holes and one lifetime may not be enough to do each place justice. No matter the skill level, from beginner to expert, fishing in Idaho is an experience that should be had by everyone. Take the time to plan a trip and enjoy the scenery and wildlife that Idaho has to offer.


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