Overnight Getaways in Idaho


Idaho has a vast variety of landscapes and levels of seclusion that provide an equal variety of overnight destinations. You can find so many places from fancy hotels to rustic cabins, all with their own appealing attractions nearby. There is no shortage of remarkable weekend getaways, the only problem is deciding where to go first. Here are just six of the many options in all different parts of the state and of all different styles and charms.

Boise itself has some great “staycation” options. One particularly unique hotel in town is The Anniversary Inn. The Anniversary Inn is a beautiful hotel, perfect for a weekend getaway. What makes this place so unique is that each room is decorated and hand-painted specifically to its own theme. You can stay in a Harley Davidson themed room, feel like you’re on a balcony with Juliet looking on your own Romeo, or hunker down in an igloo. You can also stay in a room that will make you feel like the President, or one that has the feeling of a Boise State dorm room football party.

There are so many options, all equally creative. Every room has its own charm and décor that is so convincing, you’ll forget that you never left Boise this weekend. Some rooms are supposed to be fun, and some are incredibly romantic. Many of the rooms feature a jacuzzi for nights of total relaxation. The hotel is located near downtown right next to the Boise Depot. Here, you can learn a little bit about Boise’s history, or visit the small neighboring park for a great view of downtown. Just a short drive away you’ll find Zoo Boise, beautiful parks, Boise State University, and a plethora of dining options.

Northern Idaho is home to dozens of cute small towns, often found on a body of water of some kind. Tucked in next to lake Payette is a town just like this called McCall. McCall is the ideal overnight or weekend getaway for both summer and winter vacationers. The winter is home to skiers, snowboarders, and even a snow sculpture competition during the holidays. The summer hosts a myriad of water-sport enthusiasts. You can also find lots of scenic trails that will offer great views of the lake and surrounding landscape. There are several great places you can stay in McCall. You can rent a cabin right on the water, stay in a Best Western close to the edge of town, or visit the iconic Hotel McCall. All of these options provide access to delicious cuisine choices, cute local shops, and activities centered around Lake Payette.

Just north of McCall, you’ll find the Burgdorf Hot Springs. There are tons of natural hot springs in Idaho and this one has an accompanying resort where you can rent a cabin and spend a great relaxing weekend soaking in the warm mineral springs. During the summer months, you can access the resort via Warren Wagon Road. The winter, however, only allows access to the springs by snowmobile. This incredibly isolated location makes it prime for stargazing. The stunning celestial views are nothing short of breathtaking.

On the very eastern edge of the state, almost touching the Wyoming border, you’ll find the Grand Teton Mountains. Nestled among the peaks of these mountains is the Teton Valley Resort in the town of Victor. Here you can enjoy a relaxing overnight getaway in the mountains. You can also visit local places including the Victor Emporium, where you can taste their famous huckleberry milkshakes. You can also enjoy lots of scenic trails and activities such as fishing or horseback riding. Or, you can ride in a hot air balloon and enjoy the stunning mountain views from above.

If the mountains and outdoors aren’t your style and you’d rather find yourself in the heart of the city, then the Inn at Capitol 500 on Capitol Blvd in Boise may be just your speed. This Four Diamond Award recipient has a few themed rooms as well as boutique-style suites and penthouses. The ultra-modern fancy décor will make you feel like the guest of honor, no matter which room you choose to stay in. Since it’s at the heart of downtown Boise, you are minutes away from an endless source of food and entertainment. Less than half of a mile away you can find the Zoo Boise and the Boise Art Museum, as well as great places to eat. If you want to stay in the comfort of the hotel you can dine at the restaurant’s Italian cuisine and soak in the stunning city views from your room.

Searching for something quirky? How about an Inn that looks like a giant dog? As you drive through Idaho and pass the town of Cottonwood you can see a giant beagle-shaped inn bed and breakfast just sitting there on the side of the highway. This is the Dog Bark Park Inn B&B. This adorable inn sports a 5-star rating on Air B&B. There is a nearby lake you can explore, and an on-site gift shop where you can purchase your own wood hand-carved dog in memory of your overnight stay. Praised as an incredible experience and adorable location this overnight stay will definitely give you a story to tell.

Idaho is an incredibly diverse state so it’s only natural that the many choices there are for overnight getaways are just as diverse. You can enjoy a Four Diamond hotel in the heart of the city, a rustic cabin near some hot springs, or a giant beagle bed and breakfast. Or you can visit them all!








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