Best Fishing Spots in Idaho


Idaho is a dream come true for many, especially fisherman. There are over 26,000 miles of rivers and streams, over 3,000 natural lakes and Idaho is the habitat of a diversity of all kinds of fish. Several of the fish only live in Idaho. Fishing for most fisherman starts in the springs and goes through the fall, they grab their poles and fly rods and go out to take advantage of the several fishing moments the great state of Idaho gives us. For those looking for that next fishing spot, it will not be hard to find in Idaho. There are numerous places to choose from and will offer you a unique fishing opportunity each time you cast your line.

Although for most Idahoan fisherman the prize location for fishing is one that only they know about. However, lucky enough for the rest of the world there are still really fun and treasured fishing spots that have the chance to be your prize location.

Swan Falls Dam

A unique opportunity is that of catching that Six foot or bigger fish. These unique giants can be located in the reservoir of located near Kuna, Idaho in the Swan Falls Dam reservoir. Here you have the chance to catch sturgeons. Sturgeons are the largest and freshwater fish in North America. Fishing for these giant fish has grown into a popular thing. As the popularity continues to grow, so does the importance for everyone to remember to keep the impact to the fish and the environment to a minimum. A way to do this is by following all regulations and rules. All Sturgeon must be released unharmed. It is important to use barbless hooks and is illegal to remove a sturgeon from the water.

Silver Creek

If you have never seen Silver Creek it is a must see place for all, not just fisherman. You can find Silver Creek just 25 miles north of Garden Valley, Idaho in a small place called Peace Valley. Silver Creek is a popular place for those who fly fish. You can also find a large amount of wildlife such as foxes, coyotes, moose, rabbits, waterfowl and much more.

Silver Creek is a popular place for trout and is a favorite stream. Although, the stream offers a perfect opportunity to catch a large trout it is hard to do so. There is a reason for the hardship of catching the trout in this small stream. That reason is the trout have already been teased by the flies and have become spooked by the fisherman. The glass slick, clear water makes it a great challenge to the skills of a fisherman. If you have the luck of catching the trout you will be proud of the major accomplishment many are not able to do. However, fly fishing is meant to be challenging. Who is willing to accept the challenge?

Saddleback Lakes

Located just forty miles outside Sun Valley, Idaho, in Custer County is Saddleback lakes. It is a great location for baitcasting, fly fishing, or spinning and the chances of getting a bite is very good. Saddleback Lakes has plentifulness of fish. This location makes for a perfect overnight fishing trip. Although it doesn’t have the official Forest Service trail, the trail to the lake is a popular destination. The trail to the lake is a short but steep hike with a gain of 2,000 feet and can sometimes be covered by high waters or snow. It is important to be careful and be confident in you route finding abilities.

Marten Lake

A lake that is about five mile hike into it located in the Sawtooth mountains with a scenery that is worth the additional effort of the hike is Marten Lake. Both rainbow and bull trout live in the crystal clear waters of the lake. For those who want to completely immerse themselves in the Idaho wilderness experience, Marten Lake is for you. Marten Lake is one of those isolated lakes that is not visited by many.

Lake Lowell

One of the most underrated fishing spots in Idaho is Lake Lowell. Lake Lowell is located in Nampa Idaho and is home to a diversity of species and is known as a bass haven. The best time to go boat fishing at Lake Lowell is during open boating season of April 15th-September 30th. The most popular fish to fish for at Lake Lowell is the Largemouth bass but you may also catch channel catfish or panfish.

Little Salmon River

The section of Little Salmon River branches to the Salmon River flows for 425 miles. This makes it the longest flowing river that is located just in one state in the continental United States. It is an ideal scenic spot that has resident fish species such as rainbow, cutthroat and bull trout.

Fishhook Creek

If you are searching for a piece of solitude the Fishhook Creek is the perfect place. There is a small lengthy hike to get to the creek, which starts at the Redfish Lake Lodge. The creek runs for approximately 9 miles long and branches into the Redfish lake. The creek is full of bull trout, cutthroat, chinook salmon and sockeye salmon.

C.J. Strike Reservoir

Located in a great location is C.J. Strike Reservoir. It’s not only for fishing but camping, boating, hiking and so forth. It is easy to access the fishing spot and is right next to the fishing. The reservoir is located in Southwest Idaho. The fish that are most common at this fishing spot is bass, catfish, crappie, perch, and trout.

Big Wood River

Big Wood River branches off from the Snake and Columbia Rivers. The river itself runs for 137 miles and is one of the most stunning rivers. It is known for great fishing of brown, brook and rainbow trout. The average season of fishing in this part of the state is Memorial Day through November; however, there are parts of the river that are open year-round for catch and release. It is the ideal fishing getaway with the most beautiful scenery.

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