Arrowrock Reservoir: A Pocket of Nature


The outdoors are in your blood. When you’re buying a home, it’s not only important that you live in a city with great amenities, but that you also have to be close to nature. You enjoy heading outside for a day of fishing, hiking, or simply enjoying the beauty of the outdoors. Sometimes, you like escaping for a weekend of camping. You still want to come home to a city that offers fine cultural experiences, shopping, excellent dining opportunities, and of course, great jobs. That’s why you decided to live in Boise, Idaho. The capital of Idaho is the perfect blend of the urban lifestyle and the outdoor lifestyle that you want. You want plenty of recreational opportunities, and Boise delivers in spades.

Just 30 Minutes Away

There’s a hidden gem just 30 minutes outside of Boise. It sits along the Boise River, the namesake of the city. The Arrowrock Dam was built to provide irrigation for the hundreds of thousands of acres of farmland in Southwest Idaho, but the Arrowrock Reservoir serves as more than just irrigation for agriculture. It’s also an outdoor recreational enthusiast’s dream.

The Arrowrock Reservoir is open to boating and fishing, and there are also several camping sites along its shores. Being so close to the city, you would think this area would be busy, but it’s not. The nearby Lucky Peak Reservoir tends to draw most of the attention, as it’s home to the swimming portion of the annual triathlon. Plus, Lucky Peak Reservoir has more boat ramps. That’s not to say that Arrowrock Reservoir doesn’t have plenty to offer. But, it’s solitary boat ramp means that the reservoir is less busy. Plus, many of the recreational sites on Arrowrock Reservoir are only accessible by water. Due to ease of access, Lucky Peak Reservoir draws the bigger crowds.

Playing Hard to Get

Don’t let Arrowrock Reservoir fool you, though. Just because it’s not as easy to access, and it doesn’t have quite the robust and organized recreational activities as the neighboring Lucky Peak Reservoir, doesn’t mean Arrowrock Reservoir isn’t worth your time. Quite the opposite is true, actually.

Arrowrock Reservoir is a fantastic pocket of nature. It fills the canyon above the Arrowrock Dam, stretching for 18 miles through the steep cliffs. There are just over 3,100 acres of water, and it gets quite deep in places. Because of the steep cliffs and canyon walls, it’s been a challenge to record actual depths, but the along the dam, the reservoir is, at a minimum, 260 feet deep. There’s plenty of room to enjoy the reservoir, and because most people visit the Lucky Peak Reservoir instead, Arrowrock Reservoir stays relatively quiet.

That just means you’ll have plenty of room to yourself, and you’ll be able to enjoy a quiet afternoon, or day, on the water. With the amount of water on the reservoir, you’ll have plenty of room to take your boat out as well. The Arrowrock Reservoir is shaped like a “Y,” because it was built just past the South Fork and Main Fork of the Boise River. This creates some unique separation, and even more places to explore along the water. The Arrowrock Reservoir is the perfect place to take your boat, and try your hand at water skiing or wake boarding. If you’d prefer, you could make a weekend of your visit, and camp along the shore. The campsites offer swimming and hiking, so you’ll have plenty to do, and explore, when you head out to the Arrowrock Reservoir. And if you like to enjoy nature without crowds, Arrowrock Reservoir is the perfect place to do so.

Enough for Any Lifestyle

Boise really has a lot to offer. With prime outdoor recreational areas like Arrowrock Reservoir just 30 minutes away, you’ll be able to head outside whenever you want. Finish off your workday with a relaxing boat ride along the waters of the Arrowrock Reservoir. Or kick start your weekend with some exciting water skiing.

However you plan to enjoy the outdoors of Idaho, Boise is the perfect fusion of the urban life and the outdoor life. This booming city is surrounded by the outdoors, and offers plenty of recreational opportunities to keep you active and entertained for a lifetime. The best part? Most of those opportunities are close to the city, or even in the city, so you’ll never have to go far. You can sneak in that boat ride, or bike ride, and still have plenty of time for the rest of your day.

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