Are You Ready to JUMP, Boise?

By now, you’ve seen the construction downtown. It’s been a massive undertaking, and it’s been going on since January of 2012. Roads have been closed, and massive machinery has been making a lot of noise, but for now, you’re going to have to keep waiting. Construction of the new event and community center, JUMP, or Jack’s Urban Meeting Place, is taking longer than expected. But, it’s not going to take too much longer. While they’ve missed their spring/summer of 2015 deadline, everything is now on track to be completed and open in spring of 2016.

Unfortunately, this means that you’ll have to keep dealing with lane closures on 9th, 11th, and Front streets until next spring. Myrtle Street’s closed lane should be opening sooner, although there’s still no timeline yet. But don’t fret. The JUMP project is moving along nicely, and finishing touches are starting to happen already. Is it going to be worth it? From the look of things, very much so.

JUMP into the Project

Odds are, you’ve been hearing all about the JUMP project. But what is it really? As construction crews finish up the parking garage, Jack’s Urban Meeting Place gets closer and closer to completion and its 2016 deadline. In a nutshell, JUMP is more than just a building, and it’s more than just a place. JUMP is an incredible fusion that blends environment, experiences, and opportunities all under one roof. It’s a place for people to explore their interests and talents, while unearthing new ones. Anyone can enjoy JUMP and utilize the incredible variety of spaces that the finished project will hold. And it all began with the purchase of a few tractors.

JUMP into History

Okay, so it wasn’t so much a few tractors as it was 110 of them. And it wasn’t just tractors. J.R. Simplot purchased the antique tractors and steam engines from Oscar’s Dreamland at an auction in Billings, Montana. This purchase made Simplot think about the history of agriculture, and how he could share that history. He planned to inspire people to think about agriculture, and how far it has come. But wanting to create a museum showcasing the evolution of farming methods spurred the creation of something else, and J.R. Simplot’s vision began to change.

JUMP into the Vision

The creation of the JUMP project and its evolution all stemmed from one question: “Where do we want go from here and how do we get there?” To help answer that question, JUMP was born. JUMP has grown to become a place of exploration, learning, and enabling people to pursue their own dreams by encouraging them to ask that question, and equipping them with the tools necessary to answer it. JUMP is a not-for-profit center built around interaction and a desire to learn and explore, and it’s open to the public and the community of Boise.

JUMP lives in the heart of Boise’s downtown, because that entrepreneurial spirit is what drives people to grow and learn. It’s a safe environment where people can take risks, expand their own horizons by being exposed to art, culture, and other people. It’s a place to share stories and try something new, all within the safety of an encouraging and challenging environment. Not to mention, this will all be happening in a centrally located and easy to find facility.

As a not-for-profit project, JUMP seeks to create better opportunities for the many Boise non-profit organizations, as well as the many creative and innovative individuals. Now, these organizations and people might be scattered throughout the city, or in hard to find places. JUMP creates a space and an opportunity for them, by allowing them to use the facility. Not only does this bring the best of Boise into the light, but it lets them work in the open, where they can share their own visions and help others.

JUMP Together

The JUMP project is more than just a building. It’s a creative center and a place for the community to gather together, where they can share and learn with and from each other. It’s home to a multitude of studios, which will host a variety of programs. JUMP combines indoor and outdoor spaces, and mixes in these five different interactive studios to create a unique and accessible experience for everyone.

  • Share - Kitchen Studio. Since everyone naturally gathers in the kitchen, the Kitchen Studio is a gathering place. You’ll be able to participate in cooking classes, both for the youth of Boise and the adults. There will be culinary competitions and demonstrations. Plus, you’ll be able to showcase your own latest product or creation at community dinners, events, and even fundraisers.
  • Move - Movement Studio. If it involves movement, this is where you’ll want to be. Are you an aspiring dancer or choreographer? If you are, but have a tight or non-existent budget makes it challenging to do what you love, you’ll love the Movement Studio. Maybe you’d like to host a class in the morning, and then work on your art in the afternoon. This will let you. You’ll also be able to enjoy cultural dance, high school performances, and even yoga classes.
  • Make - Maker’s Studio. Encourage the creator or inventor in you or in your life in the Maker’s Studio. This is the place to experiment. It’ll be open to both individuals and organizations working on that next great project, and you won’t even have to break the bank.
  • Play - Multi-Media Studio. Aspiring filmmakers will love this studio. Learn to write a screenplay or learn new and advance filming techniques. It’s also possible that the studio will support theatre productions, musicians, animators, and anyone else that will need to use technology for their art and creations.
  • Inspire - Inspiration Studio. JUMP is being built around the idea of asking questions and moving to the next level. This is where it will happen. The Inspiration Studio will serve as a launch pad for the next big idea by providing resources and inspiration when you need it most.

JUMP into the Future

Even though the project is taking longer than expected, construction continues to move along smoothly. Hold tight, and the roads will be open before long. At the end, you’ll find the delays and closures worthwhile for such an incredible and generous project. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be using the studios in JUMP next spring. For up to date information on the construction process, be sure to check out JUMP’s website and Facebook page.

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