Are You A First Time Homer Buyer?

Is This Your Style of Home?For those who are positive and optimistic about buying a house they can often find a home in Idaho within just two weeks. But when your buying your family's first home, just the thought could put your into a tail spin of confusion and worry. Rather than struggle through this on your own, learn from others.  Here are a few of the helpful hints other have suggested.
#1 – Take Notes
When going from house to house, make detailed notes about each one. This can be accomplished simply and quickly. It's important to make sure the detailed notes include the following items:

·   Street address of home (Useful for the beginning of each note.)

·   Location of home (Close to parks, community pool, hospitals, etc.)

·   The neighborhood “look” – how the house appears against the surrounding homes (Too big/small? Cookie cutter? Does it stand out in a positive or negative way?)

·   All exotic features of the home. (Unique rooms, paints, features, etc.)

·   Home rating. Choose a scale from one to five—one being “hated it,” and five being “loved it.” (This is most useful at the end of each note). Rate it as soon as the showing is complete.

#2 – Examine Costs
There are several costs to consider when choosing a home in the right price range. The major monthly cost considerations are property tax and home owner's insurance. Also, consider the closing costs—these can include title and settlement fees, origination fees, taxes, and home owner's association fees.
#3 – Pay Attention to your Real Estate Agent
Remember that real estate agents typically do not steer buyers toward particular homes—the final decision must be up to the family purchasing the property. However, agents are required to point out any defects of a particular property.
#4 – There is a “Perfect Fit”!
Many first time home buyers will find a perfect home that meets all their needs, and then waste their time looking at multitudes of other homes that just didn't meet the first home's standards. If the first home the family comes across is a five out of five, take it. (Naturally, keep this rule in balance with rule #1.)

Welcome to Idaho

#5 – Ask Questions
The best way to find out if a home is right for the family is to ask questions from the agent. He or she can answer questions about repairs that may be needed on the house, where the prices are at for the area of interest (Boise homes over Eagle homes and Nampa homes, for example), and similar questions. If your don't quite  get the answers you are looking for then you will, at least, be pointed in the right direction.
Whether you moving to Idaho for the first time or just moving communities, buying your first home can be an extremely rewarding experience. Following these simple suggestions, and knowing what to expect can save the entire family headache, heartache, and wallet ache.

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