Amateur Sports in Idaho

It seems that just about every state has great outdoor activities that can really enhance one’s experience and elevate one’s enjoyment of that particular state. Idaho is no exception! With the huge amount of land, vast quantities of rivers and lakes, and mountains everywhere you look, it is easy to see all the different excellent things there are to do and enjoy while you are spending time in the lovely outdoors of the Gem State. No matter what time of the year, there are great sports to participate in! Idaho is one of the best states to enjoy sports year-round, and whether its summer, fall, or winter, you are bound to find a plethora of unique outdoor activities!

Most people would consider the summer the best time to be outside, and the summers in Idaho are phenomenal! Water sports are a very popular trend throughout the Gem State, and for good reason, as Idaho has more miles of river than any other state in the entire U.S.! One of the best things to do along the water is to go fishing! Idaho is home to some of the best fishing in the world, and a few relaxing hours fishing on the beautiful Snake River (or one of the state’s many other excellent rivers) can be a simple and enjoyable hobby for anybody! The tons of great fish available to catch include catfish, bass (both smallmouth and largemouth), sturgeon, salmon, and all kinds of trout. Just find a spot and start casting!

Another water-based activity that a lot of Idahoans enjoy is boating. The Snake River is an amazing place to take a boat and have fun riding the waves in a tube or on water skis. Just about every city and town along the Snake River has several boat docks to launch off of for a fun summer afternoon on the waves.

If you are in for a real thrill ride, go on a whitewater rafting trip in Hells Canyon! Whitewater rafting is certainly one of the most adventurous sports to enjoy in the Gem State and has become a staple of Idaho. Hells Canyon is the deepest river gorge in the continent of North America (yes, deeper than the Grand Canyon!) and the Snake River passes right on through on the border of Idaho and Oregon. Thanks to its great length, there is a variety of great places to go. If you want a more relaxing ride down the river, there are slower stretches of river that you can float down, and if you want a more thrilling, fast-paced adventure, it may benefit you to go down the more wild stretches! There are some great options for taking a trip on the rapids, including adventures that can range anywhere from a shorter 3 day trip to a longer vacation going on for 6 days! Your trip can include some great fishing on the river as well as expert guides and gourmet meals! All of the necessary materials for the trip are included as well! Anyone wanting to experience the best of what sports during the Idaho summer have to offer should definitely take a whitewater rafting adventure!

When the summer heat starts to die down is when the hunting season begins! The vast amount of nature and wilderness in the Gem State makes it a wildly popular location for hunting game both big and small. What is amazing about the variety of options when it comes to hunting in Idaho is that any time of year, there are animals that are in season (although the fall is when most of the big game is available and the most popular time to go hunting). The most popular big game to hunt includes deer, elk, moose, mountain lion, and wolf. Small game in the state includes such creatures as rabbit, raccoon, squirrel, and bobcat. As far as birds go, you will have a lot of luck hunting both upland and migratory game such as geese, ducks, doves, pheasants, quail, and turkey. Whether you are an avid hunter or just getting into the sport, take advantage of how excellent Idaho is when it comes to hunting and spend time hunting the various different kinds of species there are to be found in the area. Anywhere that you go in the state is close by tons of great spots to hunt in the wilderness!

Idaho is pretty notorious for its snowy winters, and that’s exactly why winter sports in Idaho are absolutely phenomenal. Skiing and snowboarding in the Gem state are especially popular among those who live there, and there are fantastic ski resorts all over the state. Few places are better to go skiing than the Sun Valley Ski Resort in Southern Idaho. Bald and Dollar Mountains were practically tailor-made for winter sports! They are in the perfect spot as to get the snow needed for great powder on the slopes while staying right under the sun to still get some warmth during the cold winter months! There is a reason that the world’s first ski lift was built in Sun Valley and there is a reason that so many famous celebrities have homes close to the resort. Check it out for yourself and you will see that it really is home to some of the world’s best skiing and snowboarding! The vast amount of slopes offers some awesome hills for expert skiers as well as smaller slopes for those just learning or getting into the sport. When its winter in Idaho, you are never too far from a great ski hill!

There are so many great sports in the Gem State that all take advantage of the great outdoors that Idaho is so beloved for. Whatever time of the year you find yourself in the state, be sure to spend time in the fresh air and nature. Spend time on the Snake River during the hot, dry summer and when you come back in the winter, go for a trip to the mountains to have the adventure of a lifetime!



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